Friday, February 26, 2010

Productive Sweatpants Top Ten List

The Staff here at Productive Sweatpants are big fans of board games. And we think that board games get a bad wrap. When we were kids, there was nothing like spending a couple hours wrapped up in Monopoly. Now you can't even get someone to play five minutes of Candy Land.

But fear not board game lovers, PS has a solution in the form of this week's top ten list. We developed a way to get adults interested in the board games of our youth. Here are the Top Ten Adult Themed Classic Board Games:

10) Don't Spill The Beans. Can you get rid of all your excuses without spilling the truth pot? Find out in this exciting new take on the classic game.

9) Candy Land. Except in this version you're not looking for the King of Candy but Candy the "film star". Gramma Nutt and Gloppy are significantly different characters.

8) Operation. This adult redux comes with a hotel room bath tub, a couple ruffies and a black market for organ trading.

7) Aggravation. The object is to get all four of your marbles home first. But don't roll a kid or all your marbles must return to the start.

6) Rat Trap. The trap is built as players move their philandering husbands around the board and collect the pieces to build the hot new secretary in order to move their pieces to her and spring the trap.

5) Clue Eden. In this classic who dun it there is a outbreak at the hot single resort, Eden and you need to find out who's not wrapping up before the entire resort gets infected.

4) Desperate Housewives Risk. In an effort for neighborhood domination you build your army and wage war with murder, sex scandals and general cougary.

3) Life. Yeah nothing changes, that game is really as depressing as the real thing.

2) Tweekin Tweekin Cokeheads. This take on the classic: hungry hungry hippos sees four different covered noses that sniff up white balls until the mirror is clear. The winner is the nose that sniffs the most balls.

And the number one Adult Themed Classic Board Game...

...Chutes and Ladders. Um I think this one speaks for itself.

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