Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Bye College Hoops

Well it's all over. The Madness has been put away for the spring and won't return until next fall. For the majority of College sports fans this means we can start looking to the pros for our sport entertainment.

But, while the Dukies are celebrating their big victory, Productive Sweatpants would like to remind you that, well, we told you so. Oh no, we didn't forget. And we won't let this opportunity pass without reminding you of just that fact. Our tried and true method can not be denied. We're even thinking about charging you next year for our insight. 

All gloating aside, maybe next year when you're racking your brain trying to figure out the winner, you'll dial up the ol Productive Sweatpants and find yourself a winner.

Congrats again to the Duke Blue Devils. There is nothing better than to be hated for being the best. Enjoy it and lets all pray that Singler and crew decide that the NBA is the place for them.

Nighty night 2009 College Athletics, we'll see you on the flip.

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