Monday, April 12, 2010

Off-Strip News

We settling in to our new environment here at Productive Sweatpants. And since we know most of you are like we were and know only The Strip when it comes to Las Vegas. And honestly, we get it. All that means is that the good folks at the LVCVA are doing their jobs.

So we thought it might be interesting to provide you some news that coming from the rest of Las Vegas and Nevada. Why would you care? Got me. But, what you could do is impress your friends with your new found knowledge of Nevada.

Big initiative in the mining industry. I really hate to go all Fox News, but there is a good chance that if this tax passes then it could shut down the mining industry in Nevada. There is a good chunk of the rural Nevada economy that relies heavily on the mining industry.

I'm not sure why appointing judges is such a big deal? That's how they do it in Canada. Canada.

Got a few hundred millions laying around? Lake Las Vegas may be something you might be interested in.

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