Friday, April 2, 2010

Productive Sweatpants presents: Friday Video

Productive Sweatpants is moving today. No literally moving. As you're reading this we're somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. By the way, it's beautiful.

A little piece of advice to all you youngsters out there. Think you're ready to take your relationship to the next level? Two simple ways to find out. Perform one of these and if you don't want to kill your lover after it's all said and done, or if he/she doesn't want to kill you, Productive Sweatpants gives you our blessing.

One: The Extended Road Trip. We're not talking about a 3-hour drive to uncle Jimmy's place. We're talking at least a 10-hour full day haul. If you can do an 18-hour two day affair, even better. Throw in a hotel room and you'll have a real nice gauge.

Second: Camping Trip. A real camping trip. Not the weekend with all you friends where you go to the local state park, with electricity, running water and showers. No, no. You want a hike in hike out, hang up your food, bury your poop kind of camping trip. Hell if you can survive that with your best friend, we commend you.

Partaking in one of the above will give you a pretty good idea of who your chosen lover really is. Not only who he or she is, but how they treat you when the pressure is on and everyone is a little bit uncomfortable. We're fairly confident if you can survive this, you'll be okay long term.

Enough with the relationship advice and on with the videos. In honor of PS's cross country journey we give you this week's Friday Videos. See you all on the flip!

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