Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fired up!

Yes, fired up! Ecstatic! Pumped! Say it how ever you want that's what I am.

Brock Mealer. If you're not a Michigan fan or follow them with the religious fervor as I do, then you may not know who Brock Mealer is or why he would have such an affect on me.

Two years ago, Brock, his brother Elliot (a current Michigan lineman and at the time a Michigan commit), their father and Elliot's girlfriend were in a car accident that took the life of Mealer's father and Elliot's girlfriend. The crash also left Brock in a wheel chair with the probability of never walking again.

Since that time Brock has gotten the use of his legs back and has been working, hard, to learn to walk again. He has been working with Michigan Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Barwis. Coach Barwis has chronicled Brock's progress on his site.

I've pulled a couple video excerpts of his progress (well more so copied what Brian has done over at MGoBlog. As always all of my Wolverine news comes from the fantastic work Brian does on a daily basis.)

Brock is going to lead the Wolverines onto the field in their opening game this fall against UConn.

This is one of those stories that just really gets me excited. Miracle? Maybe. Hard freaking work? Absolutely! I love it.

So the next time you're staring at a fork between the hard and easy road, think long and hard about the choice you're about to make.

Thank you Brock for giving me motivation to work that much harder in everything I do. GO BLUE!!

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