Friday, May 7, 2010

Hey Love Birds Pay Attention

During a typical Friday afternoon work activity, came across this great post of the 25 Most Epic Ads That Aren't 1984. If you have sometime to kill check it out it's superb.

Coming in at #21 was this freaking gem of a save-the-date. Now kids listen up here. There is a 50% chance you're only going to do the wedding thing once. Do you really want to do the same shit that everybody else does? For crying out loud it's your wedding. Put your stamp all over the damn thing. For example a couple friend of ours just had a great RSVP card that had 6 attendance selections built around various bell attire choices. It was brilliant and a great personal touch.

Don't let your parents high jack the damn thing with their stuffy, boring cookie cutter "traditions". It's a stressful enough event as it is, so try and have some fun with it. Look at Jeff and Erin here, we're so moved we're thinking of getting them a gift just for being entertaining for 4 minutes and they are perfect strangers.

Productive Sweatpants says good luck Jeff and Erin, may you have years and years of true happiness.

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