Monday, May 24, 2010

Productive Sweatpants is LOST no more!

Six years! SIX! Six! Years!!!

That's the feeling that most LOST watchers have after the series finally last night.

And why shouldn't they? What questions really got answered? Why did the island have magical powers? How did the first guardian of the island come to be? Why was the Darma Initiative obsessed with babies on the island? So many question and no answers!

What we were served is that LOST was about the characters and character development. Which is fine. We loved Kate, Sawyer and Jack. We cared about Aaron, Hurley and Bernard. Didn't we? Well of course we did, otherwise why would we have invested all that time in the show?

But what about the unanswered questions? Well that's just it friends. That is and was the point of the show. In the end they gave us everything that really mattered. They showed us that the most important thin,g not only in life but the afterlife, are the relationships we make. Love.

Follow? No? Okay allow me to explain further. Of all the things in life that we believe are of such high importance at the end of the day don't matter.

1) Work - Represented by the Darma initiative. None of that crap mattered. The most important thing to come out of that was the relationship built by Sawyer and Juliet.

2) Politics/social status - Showed this in two ways. First with the "others". Being the leader didn't matter. For Ben, he believed this was the most important thing, but at the end of the day we wasn't satisfied until he forged his friendship with Hurley that manifested in Ben being Hurley's #2. The other was the guardian of the island. The names on the wall, didn't matter. Anybody could have been the guardian. Jacob told that to Kate.

3) Religion/Faith - They wanted to point out that faith is all that matter. Notice all the different religious symbols on the church stained glass window. Most religions at their core is about being good to one another and about forgiveness. Everything else that goes with it doesn't matter (think about the temple on the island. Pointless)

4) Life mysteries - Nothing about the island was answered. How the guardians came to be - unanswered. What the light at the center of the island was - unanswered. Why babies couldn't be born on the island - unanswered. How the time travel worked - unanswered. They left all the questions unanswered on purpose. Not to tease us and keep us talking about LOST, but because the important things did get answered.

All of the things that happened were only about bringing the people together. That was the only parallel between the real world and the purgatory world. All that other stuff didn't matter. They focused on the love the characters had for one another, because that is what matters in life. Look at the important things in your life. Think about it.

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