Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Change Will Do You Good Hawks, Cats and Clones

It's the college football offseason. Recruiting for the most part is done. Spring practice is over. The NBA finals games have what seems like two weeks between them. There isn't a lot of sports news happening.

Enter the FBS conference summer meetings. Holy crap! I'm sure you've all seen the Big 10, Pac 10 expansion and Big 12 impending doom talks. And as you know those rumors leave Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and either Colorado or Baylor, depending on what state you live in, twisting in the wind.

Although I would like nothing more than to see Kansas and all their elitist fans have to swallow their pride and battle the likes of Wichita State and Northern Iowa for conference hoops titles in the Missouri Valley, it's not very likely. This is about football and all the money that comes with it. So let's keep the conversation in that realm.

What is very likely is an expansion by the Mountain West that would see these three teams gobbled up to make that conference a 12 team league. And if the MWC has anyone with a pulse at the helm they have the invitations already to go. And here is why.

When the Big 12 dissolves all their bowl ties, including their BCS status, will have to go somewhere.

The MWC has been begging to get into the BCS picture for years. And, oh yeah, they've had teams in the BCS conversation. So the idea of them becoming a BCS conference isn't preposterous. Everyone and their brother wanted to see TCU take on one of the big boys last year. And with Utah and BYU consistently ranked the past couple years, is it that crazy to think the conference could become a BCS conference? Compare it to the Big East for crying out loud.

So why Jayhawks, Wildcats and Clones would you want to join the MWC? Well for starters you aren't Notre Dame and so you can't survive on your own. Secondly, the MWC should want you if adding you makes it a BCS conference, which it certainly could. And like the Big Ten it has it's own Cable network. Yep, has since 06. Not sure what the Rev share model is for the MWC but it can't be any worse than the Big 12's that puts these three schools at the back of gravy train.

I can already hear you three saying how the conference is inferior and you'd dominate over the competition...not so fast my friends.

Over the past three years if you were in the MWC you're rank within the conference would look like this:

2007 - 1st vs 4th
2008 - 2nd vs 7th
2009 - 3rd vs 4th

2007 - 2nd vs 1st
2008 - 7th vs 7th
2009 - 5th vs 5th

2007 - 4th vs 8th
2008 - 4th vs 8th
2009 - 9th vs 9th

2007 - 10th vs 8th
2008 - 12th vs 12th
2009 - 10th vs 11th

2007 - 11th vs 12th
2008 - 7th vs 9th
2009 - 6th vs 8th

2007 - 9th vs 7th
2008 - 10th vs 10th
2009 - 10th vs 11th

So look it's not like you'd of moved in a dominate the conference. Ok, ok. I'll give you that the numbers may look better had you played the MWC teams, but let's be honest it's not like the Big 12 over the past three years has tore it up defensively.

All I'm saying is think about it. If the BCS is forced to take another conference to replace the Big 12 the MWC is the likely choice and adding three former BCS schools makes the decision even easier. From a football standpoint, this is a good thing. But all this is probably moot since the Big Ten and Notre Dame have started discussions again. So if you like the Big 12 kids head over to your local priest and have him put in a good word with the holy father.

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Justin said...

I am a Kansas State fan & I am actually looking forward to K-State joining the Mountain West. It is a strong conference that has very good teams in Football, Basketball, & Baseball. Adding K-State, ku, & Iowa State will only make it stronger.

Bill Snyder has K-State Football going back in the right direction after Ron Prince wrecked it. K-State has one thing left to do in the Big 12; go out & kick the shit out of the rest of the Big 12 & when the Conference Championship.