Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hang On To Your Britches!

Thursday is going to be a wild day for college athletics.

With reports still coming in at a break-neck pace it seems the the death of the Big 12 is at hand. Nebraska, it appears, is all but gone and really just waiting on the formal invite from the Big 10. And with that news on the street, the Pac 10 is looking to go on it's 6 team hunt to create the Super-Mega Western Pacific Midwest Southern Athletic Conference. Looks as though Colorado isn't taking any chances and already has it's invite to the Pac 10 in hand.

As always Dr. Saturday has the whole situation wrapped up in a nice tiny little piece, complete with a bow.

I swear the only thing that could make this day any more exciting was if Little Brother lost their Spartan god. Oops!

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