Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ya Know, I Learned Something

It's been said that you learn something new everyday. And if I had to be honest I believe it. And most of the time it's after you've done something really dumb, which happens with some regularity.

Hopefully the new found knowledge comes when you seek it out and not the other way around. Although, we all know learning in that manor is usually unavoidable. But, while we do learn something everyday, we often don't take the time to reflect and contemplate what we learn.

So in this new Productive Sweatpants Presents segment we'll walk through the things I've learned. I'll attempt to do this on Sundays, as Sunday is a day of rest and reflection. So lets take a look at what I learned this Memorial Day Weekend:

- The most beautiful things, until achieved, are always the most difficult and frustrating.

- I was built for my 9 to 5 desk job. Holy hell my hat it off to you men and women who actually Work for a living. Give me my computer and numerous pointless meetings.

- Michael Moore is a self loathing, narrow thinker, who like most of the cable "news" personalities are entertainers and not bearers of great truths.

- The advertising industry hit its peak and is on the backside of its life cycle. Which both scares and angers me to no end.

- Dogs truly are Man's best friend. If you show them any care with regularity, upon your arrival they greet you how one should always be greeted. I think maybe if we took a page out of the canine's book the world would be a better place.

- Remembering is a good and necessary thing. But holding on too long is hazardous to your health.

- It is entirely possible for one's eyelids to get sunburned. Just take my word for it, there is no reason to go and try it out for yourself.

What did you learn yesterday?

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