Thursday, September 2, 2010

At last. It's Here At Last

If you've frequented the blog over the past 10 - 11 months you've noticed that we've dabbled in a few things here and there. We've done some music, advertising stuff, videos and little sports. That's been pretty indicative of what's been going on in my life.

Well it's September now and my life will quickly become consumed by football. This time of year I start to check MGoBlog every 5 minutes just to see if any new piece of information regarding the Wolverines is posted. I've spent the past 30 days counting down the days to kick off with MGoBlue's Countdown to Kickoff. Needless to say the next few months, this space will likely be dominated by football. We'll still have the Friday video and in the course of watching umpteen hours of football I come across a particularly good TV spot, we'll toss it into the Darren Stephen's Hall of Fame. But more likely than not, it'll be football.

And with the change in scenery for PS, we'll likely take a peek into the Mountain West Conference and see what's going on. Hell I might even sneak over to UNLV and catch a game.

So there is your state of the blog address. Short and sweet I suppose.

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