Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quick Buck Thursday

Hey it's college football season and we are breaking out new segments like under 30 starlets do drug problems.

This week's second new segment is for all you wanna be degenerates out there that are looking for that special edge to swindle the books out of their money. Since moving to Vegas, I've become somewhat of an expert in the ways of the sports book (and if you believe that I have some sweet property in Florida to tell you about). So every Thursday I will give the official Productive Sweatpants college football sure thing bets of the week.

Let's look at this week's slate:

Air Force -13.5 @ Wyoming

Look Air Force is a good ball club. They pantsed BYU two weeks ago. Flew into Norman and almost escaped with a huge upset and likely should have. They have the #6 offense in the country after three weeks. That triple option is tough to defend. It's really tough to defend when you're the 112 ranked defense in the country. Enter Wyoming. They are terrible. If this line was -30 I still might take Air Force. Falcons roll, book it.

Oklahoma -14 @ Cincinnati

What's happened to Cincinnati? I'm sure if you set foot in the Queen City with ND anything on, you might find yourself in the bottom of the Ohio river. Anyway, Collaros and crew just can't get it together over there and I don't think they will have much luck this week either. Although both losses have come on the road, they were to Fresno and NC State. And both by at least 14. Fresno I can forgive because I think they are a decent squad, but NC State? Oklahoma is head and shoulders better than those two. And after their little scare last week, they will surely not over look the Bearcats and likely will looking to make a statement. Get ready to hear the worlds worst fight song all day, take the Sooners.

California @ Arizona -6.5

Coming off the big upset of Iowa, Arizona is going to be flying high. They're D is nasty and ranks as the 3rd best in the country. They're also not bad on the offensive side of the ball at 23. California look like my buddy's kid's Pop Warner Team last week at Nevada. I don't have a lot of faith in a Tedford-led team finding toughness and rebounding. Plus weird things happen in the desert. Wildcats win by at least 10 and if Cal scores more than 13, I'll be shocked.

Central Florida @ Kansas State -7

I'm not going to lie, I'm picking K-State so my wife will be nice to me. Oh that and NC State beat UCF. I swear it's not an intentional theme this week, it just happened. I not quite sure why the Wildcats are only 7 point faves at home here. Bill Snyder doesn't lose these games (this time around) and the Cats have a stout running game. The student section will be Wabash Cannonballing until they throw up all over themselves in this one. K......S.....U.....WILDCATS!!!!

And in the Bet The Farm Don't Tempt The CK Award Gods Lock Of The Week:

San Jose State +31 @ Utah

I didn't really pick this one, the CK Award picked it for me. It's all explained here at the Blog Poll. You don't mess with the CK Award, you just don't. In the three years I've been following the Blog Poll I think the CK award has like a 93% winning percentage against the spread. For example last week USC didn't cover because of Lane Kiffin's crazy 2-pt conversion fetish. There is something supernatural about it. That is all. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!

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