Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick Buck Thursday

Ok, I'm sorry. Yes I know, last week I was flat out terrible. Going 0-5 in my inaugural Quick Buck Thursday column. There is really no excuse for it.

My evaluation of NC State led me to make some bad choices. And you have to go a little easy on me for the K-State pick. They were playing through Armageddon.

And it wasn't only me that was off. The CK Award drew it's first loss of the season. Tragic week all around

So this week, I put a little more work in to the picks. I promise this week we will be better.

Texas A&M at Oklahoma State -3
Why is this game on a Thursday? I have no idea. But it is. Both teams are 3-0 to start the season. Although both teams are battling for weakest schedule thus far. But there is no denying that OSU offensive is pretty bad ass. Plus, T. Boone Pickens guarantees that this plan will work. OSU covers.

Ball State at Central Michigan -17.5
Although Mount Pleasant is still reeling with the loss of Rustbelt Tebow, the Chippewas are off to a respectable 2-2 start. Falling to a good Temple team and a solid Northwestern squad, the Chips are still an impressive 3-0 against the spread. Plus the Chips are a pretty efficient team offensively. Hurry and lock down Central Michigan before the line gets any higher.

Notre Dame at Boston College +2.5
In the battle of Who Does Communion Better, we see our first underdog pick of the day. Apparently odds makers haven't seen the Irish play this year (sorry had to take a shot). Regardless, ND is 1-9 as a favorite and they are on the road. Plus I heard that BC was going to break out the 1984 Flutie unis for the game. BC and the Flutie magic.

Florida State at Virginia +7
This was one of the biggest line moves of the week. FSU started out as 12 pt favorites. Which makes me a little nervous about jumping on board a side that's taking on so much cash. But FSU has been, um, inconsistent and we saw how they handled the road against Oklahoma and Virginia is better defensively than OU. This smells like an upset game. Virginia and the points.

And in this week's CK Award pick
Texas at Oklahoma -4
Normally I would stay away from rivalry games like the Red River Shootout, but I couldn't help but enjoy that Oklahoma was listed as the CK Award winner after what they did to me last week. There is no reason that Texas should be close in this game given what happened last week, but damn it the CK Award can't be wrong two weeks in a row (unless of course I'm the CK Award jinx. In which case we will stop this feature immediately for fear that Brian at MGoBlog might hunt me down.). So take Texas and the points.

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