Monday, October 25, 2010

BlogPoll Week 9 Draft Ballot

Rank Team Record Movement
1 Oregon 7-0
2 Auburn 8-0 up 3
3 Boise St 6-0 dn 1
4 Missouri 7-0 up 5
5 TCU 8-0 dn 1
6 Michigan State 8-0 up 1
7 Utah 7-0 up 5
8 Alabama 7-1
9 Oklahoma 6-1 dn 6
10 LSU 7-1 dn 4
11 Wisconsin 7-1 dn 1
12 Ohio State 6-1 dn 1
13 Stanford 6-1 up 1
14 Arizona 6-1 up 1
15 Nebraska 7-1 up 2
16 OK St 6-1 dn 3
17 FSU 6-1 up 1
18 Nevada 6-1 up 1
19 Iowa 5-2 dn 3
20 South Carolina 5-2 up 3
21 Arkansas 5-2 up 3
22 Miami 5-2
23 Miss St 6-2
24 USC 5-2
25 Hawaii 5-2

There it is in all it's draft ballot glory. I'm still waiting on the stats to be posted so I can look at offensive and defensive efficiencies, so there may be a little movement based on those numbers.

The Top
No change on Oregon and there shouldn't be. They were frightening on Thursday night. I gave Auburn it's due and leaped them over Boise, because they have those really solid wins. Mizzou jumps into the top five because they are the best of the rest of the unbeatens.

I also finally gave in to Utah. Their schedule has still been bad, but seven wins and pasting people they way they are, I figured why not. We'll see what they're all about in two weeks against TCU. Rounding out the top ten we have the former number ones and LSU because Les Miles is a witch of some kind.

The Middle
This is a cornucopia of one loss teams. I tried keep it to head-to-head, key wins and schedule to keep some kind of order. Iowa and South Carolina as the top of the two loss teams.

The Bottom
We welcome back Miami and USC. Miss St seems to be a trendy pick with their defeat of a terrible Florida team. Why Hawaii? Well of the remaining two loss teams they have the best win and the toughest ranked schedule. I flirted with Baylor, but I'm not sold yet.

As always tell me where I'm wrong.

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