Friday, October 1, 2010

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: Indiana

This was so much fun last week, the Lazy Man's Michigan Preview is back for another go around. Michigan opens up Big Ten conference play against Indiana this week, putting the Big Ten in full swing.

If you missed it earlier this week, I went through Michigan and Indiana's season thus far. Here at the Indiana PS things to look for:

Offense: Continue to dominate on the ground. Indiana's defense is not good against the run. After facing the 83rd (Akron) and  65th (W Kentucky) and a bad FCS team, Indiana ranks 92 in rush defense. For the second ranked rushing offense this is like whoa!

Defense: Don't give up big pass plays. It's no secret that Michigan's secondary is well, meh. And Indiana is a pass heavy team with a veteran quarterback. As long as the young guys can keep everything in front and continue their solid tackling, Michigan will be fine.

Special teams: As much as I'd like to see Michigan score on 9 of 11 drives and not have to kick, it's probably not going to happen. If we go 2-3 or even 1-2 in field goals and Hangerup flips the field position once or twice things will be good. Although, I don't foresee Hangerup having to do to much work.

On with the real previews:

At MGoBlog, Brian discusses his plans for Saturday's open bar in his preview.

The Big House Blog preview has ranking and believes group think has the opposite effect in sports.

GoBlueMichiganWolverine have their multi-post previews in which they feature Indiana, The pistol and game predictions with and without Denard at 100%(?)

In Rod We Trust is haunted by last year's Indiana came and goes into this year with cautious optimism.

Maize and Go Blue thinks Michigan will keep the ball away from Chappell and the IU offense and pull out the win.

The M Zone has it's great as always: Know Your Foe and tells us to take the over in a Michigan victory.

The Wolverine Blog plays The Number game and shows us that IU is a paper tiger and that if Michigan's linebacker take care of business Michigan should win.

UMGoBlog revisits last year's game and thinks that Indiana doesn't have the talent to stop Michigan in its preview.

And the Mathlete of fame has his preview by the number diary. And when The Mathlete puts out number you best pay attention.

Go Blue!

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