Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quick Buck Thursday

Progress as promised. Ask any degenerate and they will tell you that a push is a win. And with that being the only thing other than complete annihilation that occurred here last week, I'm gonna take it.

They also say that the third time is a charm. Well we are going to put this to the test with this week's Quick Buck Thursday. And hell if worse comes to worse, you can always wait to see what I pick and do the exact opposite.

On to this week:

UConn -5.5 @Rutgers
So it's the Big East. And who really knows what's going to happen week in and week out in the conference that once was. This line has gone up a point and a half since open, but I still don't think that's enough. Rutgers is 0-3 against the spread and have lost both their home games this season. And although Rutger's D has been good statistically, they're O is putrid and they haven't play anybody. As a bonus, you might look at the under (41.5).

Baylor +2.5 @Texas Tech
This line confuses the hell out of me. Baylor just pasted Kansas, their only loss is at the hands of TCU and they are 3-1 ATS. Tech just got waxed by ISU, lost to a bad Texas team and is 1-3 ATS. Baylor is much better on both sides of the ball. I don't know, it could be a classic trap game, but with that line, I'll take the better team and the points.

Temple +3 @Northern Illinois
A battle for MAC supremacy. These teams are pretty even. NIU has the edge offensively and The Owls are slightly better defensively. They are both 3-1 ATS. The Huskies wins are against some pretty bad teams (MN and Akron). Temple has beat better teams (UConn, CMU). This one could go either way. With my track record you may be better off with the Huskies.

San Jose State @ Nevada -39
Bama put up 48. Utah 56. The Pistol is better than both of those offenses. Reno is a tough place to play. Not to mention, Nevada is 3-1 ATS. The Pack should put up a ton of points, this should be an easy cover. The only thing that worries me is if Nevada is look ahead to their trip to Hawaii. Not that they will lose, but if they are distracted in the least the lack of focus could blow the cover. That said, SJST is down right horrible, so they should be fine.

The CK Award Winner
Since I've jumped on the CK award for purposes of this feature, it's tanked. So far Brian, of MGoblog and SBNation fame, hasn't pointed to me as the culprit instead giving a more rational explanation
You know, when I started tracking this I wanted to squash accusations of homerism I figured were natural when you asked a bunch of bloggers to vote for their favorite teams. When I started tracking the terrible performances of teams whose fans had the impertinence to stuff the ballot box, the CK Award took on a life of its own. I've gotten emails begging for a vote change because people don't want to be the guy who jinxed the team.

Now the CK Award is suffering from its own success. No one dares to inch their team more than a slot above where you could reasonably expect it to go. Last week an Oklahoma blogger won for putting the Sooners seventh instead of eighth. The CK Award's malevolency was suitably unimpressed and let it go. Oklahoma won the Red River Shootout, covering a four point spread.

This week, Arkansas takes the title because Hog DB voted them No. 12, which is exactly where they ended up in the poll. The reason they're here is because the average points for Arkansas were lower than they would have been if everyone voted them 12th. Arkansas plays Texas A&M this weekend and is a six point favorite. I can't in good conscience declare the whammy lowered.

Let's hope that I can stay out of his line of fire. That said, I still believe in the power of the CK Award but advise you to enter at your own risk.
This week it's Texas A&M +6 @Arkansas, as the Hogs drew the ire of the award. I'm not sure what to say about this game because all the signs point to Arkansas being just fine. But who knows maybe Petrino can't beat NFL coaches, which Mike Sherman once was. That's all I got.

To date QBT is 0-9-1

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