Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quick Buck Thursday

That's right it's celebration time. QBT got it's first W of the season last week. What did I do to celebrate? Threw it all away at the Black Jack table!! Wooooo Vegas!!!

In quick order the QBT curse, I guess, took a vacation last week as Iowa beat my beloved Wolverines. Or more accurately the Wolverines LOST to Iowa. The Huskies covered, Mizzou and La Tech won out right. All except the sure CK award came through. I still think I'm reverse jinxing the CK award, but we'll keep that between us.

Alright so let's see if we can continue QBT's winning ways:

Penn State @ Minnesota +9.5
Doesn't it seem like every team that fires their head coach goes out and wins their next game? Doesn't that happen a lot? Well I think so. It may just be crazy, but I think that the Gophers justify the Brewster firing.

Oklahoma @ Missouri +3
This line has move towards Mizzou by 3 points since it opened. I personally don't have faith in Oklahoma, plus Mizzou has been getting it done on the defensive side of the ball and really have been an efficient team all around. We're going to ride the Tigers one more week.

Air Force @ TCU -19
Another line that has moved a little. Since Air Force barely lost to Oklahoma they are 0-4 ATS. I think they have been over valued and TCU is playing the best defense in the country right now. I don't think the option gives them trouble this week and they cruise.

Georgia @ Kentucky +3.5
Well it's an all home team week at QBT. Georgia has been playing better this week, but I think the Wildcats have found their identity running the football. Plus Georgia is 0-3 ATS on the road and Kentucky is 4-0 ATS at home. I think that .5 point comes in handy in a close Georgia win.

The CK Award
Colorado State +30.5 @ Utah
Since the BlogPoll has no idea what to think of Utah, they end right back up with the CK Award. My faith in the CK Award is waning. Utah is one of the most efficient teams in college football so this is going to be a tough one for the Rams. Not to mention Utah is undefeated ATS this year. It doesn't look good, but we'll stick with it.

QBT now stands at 4-15-1

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Tony said...

Hmm. Not sure I agree with your Missouri and TCU picks, but Minnesota and UK are interesting.