Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quick Buck Thursday

To quote my favorite balladeer "two for three ain't bad". Or something like that.

Well QBT went 2-3 last week and although it wasn't the 4-1 performance of the previous week, at least we scored some wins with the Mizzou upset and the TCU cover. And in retrospect, Minnesota and Kentucky, really? I should've known better.

Anyway on with this week:

Florida State -3.5 @ North Carolina State
Look NC State hasn't really beaten any good teams. In fact when they play good teams (Va Tech, ECU) they lose. Even with FSU on the road, I can't see FSU not covering. They've rebounded from their pantsing by OU and have started to click, especially on the defensive side of the ball. I think NC State is overvalued here.

Kansas @ Iowa State -19
In the second of two picks for my buddies teams we're taking ISU here. I can only find one line posted and I'm not entirely sure why, except that maybe Kansas is just that terrible that no book in it's right mind would post a number high enough for anyone to take KU. Anyway, I think the line could be 1,007 and I'd still take the cyclones. Ames is a tough place to play and KU is terrible.

Utah -7.5 @ Air Force
The flyboys are back this week. And although Utah has yet again won the CK award, I don't care. The CK award is now below .500 and I've lost faith. I know, I know Utah hasn't beaten a team with a winning record. But I still think AF is being over valued. We'll get a clear look at Utah here, but they are still 6-0 ATS and the Falcons are still 0-5 ATS since the OU loss. I'm sticking with this until it changes.

Oregon -7 @ USC
I know USC apparently has some secret formula to stop Oregon. And the game is in LA. But I don't care. Look against UCLA (85th in total D) Oregon scored 60. Against Stanford (58th in total D) 52. And ASU (48th in total D) they scored 42. Plus the teams that beat and scored 30 plus on USC: Stanford, Washington and Hawaii, rank 5, 76 and 12 in scoring offense. Guess who is number 1? Not to mention Oregon is better in total defense than those three. Oh, and Oregon hasn't had anybody finish a game within 10 points of them. Oh and by the way, it's the Game Day game and the Ducks got punked by the BCS for Auburn. You tell me how USC covers this spread?

Michigan -2.5 @ Penn State
I swore I would never do this. If the Wolverines lose and I bet on them I would have double the heart ache. But man, I really can't help it. Penn State has a quarterback situation similar to Michigan's in 2008 (which is the equivalent of starting me at QB), Michigan is coming off the bye week and this is a must win game for Rich Rod. PSU is the 58th ranked rush defense and Michigan gashed the number 8 and number 28 ranked rush defense. Michigan's Achilles heel has been offenses led by solid, experienced QBs, which PSU has none. I know I'm likely going to regret this, but I'm going with it anyway.

QBT is now 6-18-1

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