Friday, November 26, 2010

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: Ohio State

Well last week the Michigan preview was off due to not being lazy and having to move. But, the game went kind of how I expected it to go. Wisconsin over powered our young defense and we turned the ball over too many times to overcome the defense.

But that was last week and this is The Game week. I could go on an on pontificating on the finer points of my Ohio State hatred or why Michigan football means so much to me. But, there are much better writers that have been doing that all week. So let's get to it.

The Keys

For the love of everything good and holy don't turn the ball over. We really have been our own worst enemy the last couple of weeks. Michigan really can be in any game they play so long as they don't turn the ball over. Looks like Shaw will be back and that should help the tailbacks. The receivers needs to have a great game as well not only catching the ball but blocking down field.

Find a way to stop Herron. If the defense can somehow put this game in the arm of Pryor I think we stand a chance. If we can't do that, then for the love of God don't miss tackles. If they can get one to two stops and hope the offense does it's job and not turn the ball over and doesn't sputter that might be enough.

Special teams
Don't fumble kicks. Don't kick field goals. That is it that is all.

The analyst in me says, "no way". The fan in me says, "It's The Game, anything can happen". And dammit, this week, I'm just going to be a fan. Let's see these kids grow up in one afternoon and shut up the anti-Rich Rod faction, because it's getting tiring. Michigan 46 Ohio State 45!

The Previews:

Brian has a picture of an Aints cat in his preview over at MGoBlog. You can only imagine what that means.

Go Blue Michigan Wolverine gives us a quick look at OSU and says fear Boom Herron.

Maize N Blue Nation chats with a OSU blog and gives us a grim look at the statics in its preview

Poor Beauford at Maize N Brew is at the in-laws and but says go out there and win it for the seniors!

MGoFootball talks a lot about hate.

The Big House Blog lets his head speak for his heart and predicts death.

The M Zone gives us useful Buckeye info in the Know You Foe segment. And then goes the extra mile with a Michigan fan travel advisory. Bravo!

The Wolverine Blog has fun with numbers and reads DOOM but has a pre-game thought of hope.

UMGoBlog predicts a blow out and says look for Rich Rod to be canned. Yikes!

And of course, The WLA link, because if ever we needed to be in a fantasy world it's this week.

Go Blue!

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nothingbutlimericks said...

There is now a team from Michigan,
To beat OSU is their wish again,
But seven losses straight,
Seems likely their fate,
That vict'ry, those boys, they will miss again.