Friday, November 12, 2010

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: Purdue

Ah what a difference a week makes. Last week the stench of desperation was chokingly thick in the air. This week we are bowl eligible, just escaped a triple overtime, the offense looked great and the defense was rather serviceable.

It's been a nice week. If I've been walking around all week with the feeling of a huge weight lifted off my shoulders I can only imagine what Rich Rod and the team feel like. I just have this suspicion that the team, now with the pressure off, will start to play looser and that can only help on both sides of the ball. At this point they have nothing left to lose.

The Keys

I think the focus of the offense this week will be to eliminate the mistakes. The picks, fumbles and penalties have really been the only thing that has stopped this defense. And tomorrow should be no different. With Cam's issues right now, this would be the perfect time for a Denard statement game.

Play with confidence. Some of the youth is coming around and hopefully after last week they'll play with some swagger (I still can't believe I typed that, but defense is weird that way). Purdue is actually worse offensively than Illinois, even after last week, and they will rely on their running game. We'll need Demens, Mouton, Gordan and Kovacs to stay home and read quickly. If we can minimize the damage caused by counters and veers we'll be in good shape.

Special Teams
For Christ sake Gallon hang on to the ball. Kick-offs shouldn't kill us this game and I don't see the field goal unit making an appearance. Let's hope anyway.

Look who knows with this team. I think Michigan will win and Vegas has us a 13 point favorite. The offense rolls and the defense plays it's best game to date. Let's go with 49 - 27.


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And because the Wolverine Liberation Army is basically unpredictable I'm linking to them knowing that a preview will go up at some point and you should never miss it.

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