Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PS Bowl-A-Thon 2010: Champs Sports Bowl

Champs Sports Bowl

The Where and When:
December 28th, 6:30 p.m. est, Florida Citrus Bowl, ORLANDO, FL ESPN/ESPN3.

The Who:
#22 West Virginia Mountaineers (9-3, 5-2 Big East) vs North Carolina St Wolfpack (8-4, 5-3 ACC)

The Why:
West Virginia was oh so close to a BCS game but finished second in the Big East. This bowl game will mark a Mountaineers school record 9th straight bowl game.

NC State was a bit of a surprise this year, finishing 4th in the ACC. This marks the Pack's 25th bowl all time.

What Smartypants Accounting Guy Would Tell You:
This isn't the spread-n-shred West Virginia unit is was under Rich Rod. Just 64th in total offense and 65th in scoring, the 'Eers do run the ball more effectively (49th) than they pass (67th). no, this is now Jeff Casteel's team. The 3rd ranked total defense is second in the nation in point allowed. They are great against the run (2nd) and very good against the pass (11th).

NC State is a pretty well rounded team. Ranking 40th in total offense they are a pass heavy team (19th). They only rank 94th in rushing but do score as the 29th ranked scoring offense. Defensively more of the same. The 34th ranked total defense gives up 22 ppg (39th) and is shaky against the pass at 77th but good against the run at 12th.

WVU was 3-3 against winning teams while going 9-1 vs non ranked opponents. Conversely, the Pack was 4-2 against winning teams and 1-1 vs ranked foes. The 'Eers closed better at 4-1 than the Pack's 3-2 ending.

Pool Prognosticators Pattern:
I don't like those Daniel Boone hats those Mountain people wear. Plus wolves are cool and there is a pack of them. Plus North Carolina is way better than West Virginia, duh. Go Wolf guys!

Vegas Edge
WVU has gone from a 4 point fav to a 2.5 point fav. Both teams have been decent ATS, with NC St going 8-3 and WVU 7-3 ATS. The Pack has only played one game on turf and winning, WVU is 5-2 on the surface.

The Sweatpants Verdict:
WVU just hired Dana Holgerson to be their "coach in waiting", while Stewart has his swan song next season. Not sure how the players are going to react to this. The Pack can stop the run and they pass well. WVU runs well but their weakness (if you can call it that) on D is against the pass. With NC State's record against winning teams I'm going to take them in the upset.

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