Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quick Buck Thursday: The Recap

Well it was a pretty rough, inaugural year for Quick Buck Thursday. Which mostly bares out in the fact that I'm holding a "will work for food" sign on The Strip.

Finishing 16-33-1 on the season isn't the important thing. What's important is that we learned something. So let's review:

1) Find yourself a non-AQ school that is wrecking shop and ride them all season.
Our little fighter was NIU. Going 11-2 ATS this season, they really only disappointed us in the MAC championship game. Next year, we'll find another gem and hopefully keep them close all season.

2) Rivalry games aren't as scary as we once thought.
I've always thought that anything can happen in rivalry games. Well I think that was just a bunch of marketing BS the World Wide Leader feeds us to make the games exciting. Did anybody really believe Michigan had a shot against Ohio State this year? No. So look at the numbers, it's not that scary.

3) ATS streaks are good indicators for outcome.
When looking at games always check that. College football is not really a parody league like the NFL. Good teams will stand out.

4) Never rule out emotion.
Because these are kids, emotions can play a huge roll in the outcome of games. Take an extra look at what's going on with the team. Look at Minnesota down the stretch. Something went on with those guys and they pulled out a couple of upsets.

5) I was really bad at gambling this year.
I think the record speaks for itself. But, I'm sure QBT will be back next year with a whole new batch of terrible picks for you to profit from.

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