Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Darren Stephens Hall Of Fame

It occurs to me that we haven't had a new inductee into the Darren Stephens Hall Of Fame recently. I think this is a good a time as any.

For those of you who watch any football this fall, you're probably familiar with the Allstate Mayhem campaign. In the campaign, actor Dean Winters portrays the mayhem that can occur in our everyday lives. And IMHO does a fantastic job at that. But, maybe it's just my love for Rescue Me, I don't know. I may just be that Dean just keeps getting more and more beat up in each new spot. That was a fantastic touch, guys!

The good folks at Leo Burnett are the brains behind the campaign. Not only is the campaign good, but it's a great compliment to the President Palmer spots. My hat is off to you Leo Burnett Allstate team. I hope a Draperesque bender came at the conclusion of all that hard work.

Usually I'll only enter a single spot into the DSHOF, but the entire campaign has been enjoyable so I'll induct the whole campaign. Congrats Allstate and Leo Burnett for your induction into the Darren Stephens Hall of Fame.

Here's a look at a few of my favorites:

"Tree Branch Mayhem" kicked off the campaign:

Lest we not forget that "OMG! Becky's not even hot!" in "Pink SUV Mayhem"

Jogger Mayhem gave us: "I'm out trying to keep, this, a ten"


And of course the holiday gift of "Holiday Mayhem"

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