Friday, February 11, 2011

Productive Sweatpants presents: Friday Video

Happy Friday!

From time to time we discuss advertising in this space. It is after all what pays the bills for this guy. You've seen the Darren Stephens Hall Of Fame entries from time to time. But, usually in this space we celebrate Friday with an excellent music video.

Well this week I had to combine both the Friday video with the DSHOF. This video was sent to me by a friend of mine at work. And friends anytime you can get me to consider visiting a sleepy American recreation of a German town, I'm in. I've never been disappointed when I've visited one.

So my hats off to you Leavenworth, WA, I will be finding my way donning my lederhosen, to drink from your steins and gorge myself on your bratwurst!

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