Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life Tracks

Normally music is saved for Friday's in this space. But since today happens to be a special day I thought that it would be forgiven.

I've recently been in the habit of sending out a video via twitter each morning.
Today I wanted to post videos of songs that have been important to me at some point in my life or have had an impact throughout my years. Instead what I ended up with was a cliff notes version of my life as told by songs at key moments in my life.

So here is a collection of videos that can more or less tell the story of my life to date. Enjoy!

My aunt has a video that she loves to talk about of me doing a little dance to this spot when I was like 2. Probably the seed that got me into the ad biz.

Early learning

I wore this tape out (yes I said tape!)

Surprise! Crushes hurt like a mother fucker! The first of many "defining songs".

Then I hit a skate or die phase. Woke up after a many school dances with a sore neck during this head banging period

Still skating and rocking

Ha! You thought crushes were bad!

First couple years of high school we had a juke box in the cafeteria. And we scraped up a quarter to play this everyday.

Hey guess what heartbreak again!

An old friend revived and was thumping the headphones before every big game!

My first intro to small town parties, I'm standing befuddled in a barn as the entire party sings this song

Hey remember me? Oh yeah heartbreak!

Class of 1993 prom theme!

Senior trip to Florida. A game of horseshoe. HORSESHOES!!!!

Hey look I found this money of briefcase.

Welcome to college, yo!

Don't get too comfortable...heartbreak's back!

Summer of pot sales.

Very nice to meet you. You're kinda special.

No really, I kinda dig you. So much I'll pretend to enjoy this.

Oops. The beginning of the end.

Heartbreak returns. Hello old friend.

Seriously will it end?

Anybody need books?

Ah brotherhood

The Wild Dingos!

A little speaker dancing is good for the soul.

Spring Break 1999!

Why, hello. You, I dig.

Steak Tonight!

Karaoke legend is born!


Good decision, bad timing.

Heartbreak meet Clan McGreggor.

Drake Hotel, House of Steffens!

I Love Journey!

DHHOS part 2!

Hi, this is surprising. I kinda dig you

Yep, really dig you.

Beginning of the end part 2

An old friend.

Where is tomorrow?

Thankfully, tomorrow is just around the corner.

Happy Birthday to me!

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