Friday, May 20, 2011

Productive Sweatpants presents: Friday Video

Happy Friday!

So the world is suppose to end tomorrow , which I think is totally going to piss off the Mayans. I mean really, why do the Christians always have to try and trump the poor Mayans. I mean we came over here, took their gold, gave them all syphilis and now we have to take their end of the world from them. Shameful.

Well dammit, if the world is ending tomorrow, I've enjoyed providing you with a Friday Video. That said, I'm going out in style. I'm getting my hair cut today and I'm going to VEGAS (well technically I'm already in Vegas so that's not all that impressive)!

If this truly is the end then I feel a few goodbyes are in order. To those I've loved, thanks. To those who've loved me the likely response is, I'm sorry. To those I've wronged, there was probably a good reason for it and I just didn't articulate it very well. In most cases I deeply apologize. In any case, I will raise a glass to each of you for I had the honor of knowing you. To those headed to the Pearly Gates, enjoy it. I'll miss you. For the rest, I'll be in the pimped out Condo at the end of Beelzebub lane. Come on by the bar is always open.

Happy Friday! Enjoy!

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