Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Big East GOTW

LSU's Defense is nasty man!
(AP Photo/Jeff Gentner)
Decent week in the Ol Big East this past week. Let's review the Big East week that was.

(2) LSU - 47
(16) West Virginia - 21
Well that was fun. The Skullet and his boys had a chance to show the world that they were for real and what we all found out was that LSU is dirty, filthy, nasty defensively and a pretty good team. And I'll be the first to admit I was wrong. LSU is just so damn hard to trust. But, they look legit and got the #1 ranking in my blog poll ballot.

NC State -  14
Cincinnati - 44
Wow the Bearcats took advantage of the National stage and embarrassed the Wolfpack. What was is -22 yds rushing? I can not wait until NV Nole speaks of the ACC this week!

Toledo - 30
Syracuse - 33
This was a great game. But I also learned that betting against Syracuse at home is somewhat foolish. Toledo will contend for the MAC title. That is a nice W for the Orange.

Notre Dame - 15
Pitt - 12
Photo credit: AP 
Poor Pitt. If only games were played for 3 quarters.

Ohio - 26
Rutgers - 38
If you recall this was one of my QBT picks. DERP! I'm not quite sure what to make of this Rutgers team yet. I think we'll learn more this week.

Connecticut - 17
Buffalo - 3
I really have nothing to contribute here.

UTEP - 24
(18) South Florida - 52
USF may be the best team in the league.

Big East Week 5

Holy hell the schedule this week is atrocious. Trying to figure out which game is worth of GOTW status is someone challenging. I guess you could take USF @ Pitt. But really I think that game is going to be a blow out. If I wanted to really stretch it I could say Bowling Green @ West Virginia might be one to watch but, I don't know. So instead we'll head back to the Carrier Dome and take a look at two teams at kind of a cross roads in this young Big East season.

Rutgers @ Syracuse, 12:00 ET GamePlan/ESPN3

Like I said before, I'm not sure what to think of this Rutgers team yet. And really is Syracuse really a 3-1 team? What I think we have is two similar teams trying to make something happen this season in conference.

Offensively Syracuse has a slight advantage ranked 93 in total offense. But Rutgers is right behind them at 97. Neither one is lighting up the score board but Rutgers is about 10 points better per game.

Meanwhile Rutgers has a big advantage defensively. They are ranked 26th in total defense where Syracuse is ranked 88th.

The line right now is Syracuse -3. It opened with Rutgers favored by 1 but as moved in a short time. And I think that's what makes this game interesting. As NV Nole says the Carrier Dome is a nasty place to play. If the fans get in the game, the Orange have a chance every game. I know I'm not suppose to bet against a dome team, but I just think Rutgers has too much defense in this game.

Here's what's happening in the rest of the league

(16) South Florida @ Pitt, Thursday 8:00 pm ET ESPN/ESPN3
USF should roll in this game.

Cincinnati @ Miami (OH), Saturday 1:00 ET ESPN3
It's a battle for Ohio and the first of the Big East MAC snacks for the week.

W. Michigan @ Connecticut, Saturday 3:30 ET GamePlan/ESPN3
MAC snack number 2. Although the Huskies should watch out for indigestion.

Marshall @ Louisville, Saturday 3:30 ET GamePlan/ESPN3
It's always fun to watch what happens when West Virginia and Kentucky battle it out.

Bowling Green @ (22) West Virginia, Saturday 3:30 ET GamePlan/ESPN3
This will actually be an entertaining game. Two pretty good offenses will be going at it here.

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