Friday, September 23, 2011

Big XII - Week IV

Week 3 Recap
As a new weekly contributor to Productive Sweatpant's football frantic blog, I would like to make a few disclaimers. One: I am an unapologetic Iowa State fan. Two: I do not pay that much attention to stats, trends or coaching strategies. My opinion's are visceral and sometimes wrong, but mostly they are right. I am also the only contributor here who has children, so pardon my lack of depth in reviewing.

As the one who was assigned to cover the Big XII, I will probably only be a one year contributor, so I hope to make the most of it.

Here goes...

Big wins
While the rest of the world probably does not care, or think of this as a quality win, Iowa State's victory at UConn was huge for the program. The Cyclones have come from behind in their first three games to win by 1,3 and 4 points respectively against three solid teams. After a week off, they start the true meat of their schedule against Texas, October 1st.
Oklahoma over Florida State. Oklahoma delivered a crushing blow to the upstart Seminoles. X-Rays are pending, and how quickly they recover will be revealed over the next few weeks.
Big XII weekend record 9-1
While Oklahoma showed the nation why they're deserving of the #1 ranking in the country, and Iowa State showed it could be competitive in the Big East, should it remain a conference, the rest of the league picked up wins over the traditional non-conference cupcakes. I am still not impressed with Texas, K-State or Missouri and Texas AM's win over Idaho by 30 at home not only failed to cover the spread (36), but also made me question their high ranking. Idaho?
Week 4 Preview
Miami Fl vs Kansas State. Time to see if K-State's #1 defense is due to ability or scheduling. My guess, scheduling. Miami by 15.
TAM vs OKState. By far the marquee matchup of the weekend, and second of the conference season behind only OSU/OU's Bedlam matchup. OSU by 7
Baylor vs Rice. Baylor has not received the respect it deserves yet this year. Keep Robert Griffen healthy and that will not last much longer. This shouldn't even be called a game. Baylor by 30+
Texas Tech vs Nevada. Interesting game. Take the over. Tech by 10.
Oklahoma vs Missouri. Missouri is no match for Landry and boys. Oklahoma by 21+

Cream of the crop: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor
Respect: Iowa State
Give me more: Texas AM

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