Friday, September 30, 2011

Big XII, Week V

A quick retraction and correction before I begin. Last week, I mistakenly made the comment that I was the only contributor who had children and I was wrong. I share the burden of parenthood with fellow contributor, SEC Guy and apologize for my mistake. However, I do not have Steele Jantz tatooed across my chest as he reported this week. It is on my lower stomach and reads "Feel the Steele!," accompanied by a doward facing arrow. Apparently, we both need to do a better job researching before posting.

Moving on...

Biggest Suprises:
I guess K-State's defense is legit. Before the oppressive South Florida heat and humidity caught up with them in the second half, they limited Miami's potent-light offense to a field goal in the first two quarters of play. As much as I've resisted, I'm starting to become a believer. Either that, or the ACC is as horrible as everyone (NV Nole notwithstanding) believes.
Missouri also impressed more than anticipated, keeping it close in Norman. Perhaps they were trying to win over the hearts of the SEC and show them they belong. If so, that is two potential SEC teams that lost to Big XII schools from the state of Oklahoma.
Other week IV reactions:
Oklahoma State showed grit and superior coaching clawing back to win by one. Their visiting fans may have held the highlight, however, by chanting "Big 12, Big 12" as the clock ticked to zero. So long, Texas AM, ya bunch of bums, you.
Baylor pumped up the offense to the tune of 56 points. Not quite the 30+ point drubbing I had predicated, but close.
Texas Tech and Nevada carried the over.
Texas and Iowa State idle to prep for this weekend's matchup.

My non ATS record, 4-1
Week V outlook.
Best Game of the weekend:
This one is tough. Texas AM (3-1) vs Arkansas (3-1) would be the mainstream pick here, but both teams are coming off of big game losses to superior teams and I'm just not feeling it. Kansas State (3-0) and Baylor (3-0) has a lot going for it, except for the fact that it is Kansas State vs Baylor. Surprisingly, I'm going with Iowa State (3-0) vs #17 Texas (3-0) in Ames, IA (can you feel the Steele?).

Iowa State has been known to pull off a shocking upset or two over the last couple of years, and stole perhaps the biggest of them all last year in Austin beating Texas for the first time ever. Granted, it was a weak Texas team by comparison. But now that Gilbert is gone, (I really wish they would have given him 4 more quarters) and Texas has reverted back to its McCoy to Shipley formula that worked so well for years, things may be different. But, Iowa State is also 3-0 and playing with a swagger unfamiliar to longtime fans of the Cardinal and Gold. Should the Cyclones be able to pull off back to back wins against the Longhorns from Texas, Coach Rhoades may win the upcoming Presidential Caucuses as a write-in on both tickets.
My prediction (Homer Alert) ISU 28 - Texas 23.
Rest of the league:
Arkansas vs TAMU: Texas AM showed us two things: 1) They can be good, 2) They're not.
Arkansas 21 - Texas AM 28
Texas Tech vs Kansas: Uggh.
Tech 54 - KU 21
Baylor vs Kansas State: Offense vs Defense. Another solid matchup that will begin to separate the pretenders from the players.
Baylor 28 - K-State 14
Ball State vs Oklahoma: Not worthy of comment. Clearly a revenue generating Bye Week for the Sooners.
Oklahoma 54 - Ball State 14

Cream of the Crop: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor
Rising: K-State, Missouri
Still Need More: Texas AM


ecoscapeslv said...

Another second half let down for the Aggies. Normally, I would root for the Big XII team against a non-conference foe, but I think its time for SEC Guy to start covering A&M.

SEC Guy said...

Soon enough my the meantime how are your abs of Steele?