Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog Poll Ballot

Now in week 4 of the college football season, we feel that it's finally acceptable to publish a poll. As you know the college football blogosphere has it's very own national college football poll as an alternative to crappy computer and lazy, homer media polls.

Although Productive Sweatpants is not yet an official participant in the blog poll we will continue, as we did last year, to publish our first pass at the week's ballot, ask for your feedback, tweak it, publish the final ballot for the week and compare it to the official blog poll. You can see what we did for the poll last year as an example.

Since we have new contributors this season, the poll is an average of all of our entries. We will post each writer's ballot along with the final poll each week. What we did for the ballot is take an average of each team's ranking from all the ballots and create an average ranking which is where the team will rank that week. If a team appears in one ballot and not the other, that team is assigned a value of 26 on the ballot where they were not ranked. Clear as mud? Good.

All in all, we want to make this your poll. So please comment and tell us where you think we are totally right-on or where we've screwed the pooch.

Enough babbling, here is this week's ballot:

Product Sweatpants Blog Poll

Rank Team Record Movement
1 Oklahoma 2-0 na
2 LSU 3-0 na
3 Boise State 2-0 na
4 Oklahoma State 3-0 na
5 South Carolina 3-0 na
6 Wisconsin 3-0 na
7 Clemson 3-0 na
8 Stanford 3-0 na
9 Virginia Tech 3-0 na
10 USC 3-0 na
11 Nebraska 3-0 na
12 Alabama 3-0 na
13 Florida State 2-1 na
14 Texas 3-0 na
15 Iowa State 3-0 na
16 West Virginia 3-0 na
17 Baylor 2-0 na
18 Illinois 3-0 na
19 Texas AM 2-0 na
20 Oregon 2-1 na
21 South Florida 3-0 na
22 Michigan 3-0 na
23 Florida 3-0 na
24 Texas  3-0 na
25 UNC 3-0 na

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