Friday, September 23, 2011

History Has a Tendency to Repeat Itself

A Hopeless Hangover

After an overtime win against an over-rated Missouri team, that's in a rebuilding year to say the least, Arizona State couldn't get their heads out of the clouds quick enough. Losing to an Illinois team that is trying desperately to find some sort of identity and momentum in the Big 10 football picture, raises only one question in my head. "Why?" My B1G colleagues may not agree with me on this, but on paper, the Sun Devils had everything they needed for a win. I guess, simply put, the Sun Devils' stars of 2011 just didn't show up in Champagne, Ill.

Granted, with one loss doesn't come a lost season, right? Well, with the Sun Devils' schedule this season, bye-bye big-time bowl game. Saturday's match up against USC is going to be a tough one. Although this isn't a typical USC team, the Trojans are still putting up some great numbers...and making the nation take a second look at what Lane Kiffin's been able to salvage in Southern California. ASU hasn't been able to make the big stop when needed and USC's one heck of an opponent to be their first. The only reason I give ASU a fighting chance from this Champagne hangover...Sun Devil Stadium.

With road games at Utah and Oregon still on the schedule...and a home game against in-state rival Arizona, who's gonna figure they're shit out...the Sun Devils are staring at a 5-loss season. All could have been prevented with a win over Illinois, but the 2011 season is slipping into the pits of hell for the Sun Devils...with no hope of a signature conference win to celebrate.

Buckeyes in the Buff

Dear 'Buffs,
I'm writing you today as a hater. A true hater of Ohio State University. Yes, I left out the unimportant "the" they claim. I know it's been 40 years since you herded into Buckeye nation and came away with a W...but this year, this year I feel you can do it! Forget about the losses to Hawaii and Cal...and build off the win against your in-state rival. Ohio State is in an unfamiliar place right now. They're a team stripped of a top 25 ranking...and showing their ass to the nation. You? You're in the ever-so-familiar spot you usually are in week 4. Unranked...below .500...and in need of another magical afternoon to hang your hat on. Let's not forget that lone win back on Sept. 25th, 1971 in Columbus! You can be that great yet again. Grab your legendary "Johnson" (reference to Charles Johnson, 1990 Colorado backup QB, in the infamous 5th Down game against Missouri) and make history!

PAC-12 Week 4 Match-Ups (All times Eastern)
Colorado @ Ohio State (3:30pm ABC) - Please Colorado!
UCLA @ Oregon State (3:30pm) - Not really sure who cares.
California @ Washington (3:30pm) - Drink the purple drank.
#23 USC @ Arizona State (10:15pm ESPN) - ASU's still too hungover.
#10 Oregon @ Arizona (10:15pm ESPN2) - A shootout to stay up for!

BYE WEEK: #5 Stanford and Utah

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