Friday, September 16, 2011

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: Eastern Michigan

So last week I was out of the country and could barely get on the internet and so we missed a preview or two here at ol Productive Sweatpants. Which is probably ok, since we would have seen a lot of Michigan previews that spelled doom for the Wolverines under the light at the Big House.

Well we all know what happened: Muppets cued.

This week the previews should be a little bit more sunny as former coach Ron English and former RB, and Productive Sweatpants favorite, Mike Hart roll back in to Ann Arbor with the 2-0 Eastern Michigan Eagles.

Let's talk about the keys:

Well, I'm glad this game is here because despite the second half Denard explosion last week, the offense has looked streaky. This will be a great time to work on something and get a rhythm. It looks like Fitz is going to be back, so I would love to see he and Shaw get some serious work in this game. On the flip, I think Denard getting some timing work with his receivers will be great too. If we can keep Denard designed runs to 3-4 or scrambles, I think we'll be in great shape.

I really like that the defense has improved as both game wore on the past two weeks. It was encouraging to see solid play out of Hawthorne and Campbell last week, let's hope it continues this week. I think we can also look for Blake Countess to make an appearance this week, either late in the game at corner or in the nickle package. I'm also a little concerned about Roh. I wonder how much that illness is playing into his slow start this season. Or is it that he's just figuring out how to play with the added weight. Either way I hope the turnovers keep coming.

Special Teams
Kick coverage has to be better. It's weird that we don't see the same kind of aggressiveness we see from the defense. Hopefully that changes and both cover teams are better.

What can you say about an opponent that has get to play and FBS team and is 2-0? In all honestly I'm not real worried about this game. That said, I hope these kids are ready. Yes, we are more talented than Eastern. And, yes we are a better team. But crazy shit happens all the time. Okay, I'm being dramatic. Michigan is a 29.5 point favorite and I see no reason why they don't cover. I think the defense brings crazy pressure, the offense finds a rhythm and the Wolverines roll.

Previews? Previews;

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