Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: Western Michigan

Well it's the dawning of a new era of Michigan football. Brady Hoke plays his first game as a head coach in the Big House tomorrow.

With a new coach and a new system there are a ton of questions. Some of which will get answered tomorrow. Some will have to wait until the Notre Dame game. But nonetheless, we have Michigan football tomorrow. Let's talk about the keys:

Big question is how will Borges use Denard? All indications is that Borges is a smart dude and will continue to use a lot of shotgun and throw in some designed Denard runs in there in an effort to get the ball in his most explosive players hands. Which is good. That said, can Shaw and/or Toussaint step up and carry the rushing load at tailback? In this one, I don't see that being too much of an issue. Also, look out for Denard's timing on the passing routes. That should give an indication of how far this offense has progressed.

Well it really can't be any worse than last year, so there is no where to go but up. The big thing for me is to see if they tackle well. Last year tackling was pretty awful on the off chance guys were in the right place. The play of our secondary will be key. I think our D line is pretty solid and if the coverage guys can give them an extra second or two they could cause trouble for opposing quarterbacks. A solid performance tomorrow can give this unit a ton of confidence.

Special Teams
Consistency. Lets hope that having a full time coach has transformed this unit on both the kicking and receiving side. That is all about that.

I think the guys are going to come out with a chip on their shoulders. Look for the defense to be aggressive and playing fast. I think the offense will look jerky at times, but they should put some points on the board. Denard has a big day and the Wolverines start the season off with a bang.

On with the previews:

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Go Blue!!!!


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