Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Less Work For Me. Big East GOTW

The hot topic in College Football right now is of course the conference realignment. With Pitt and Syracuse bolting for the ACC, commissioner John Marinatto pulling the pissed off girlfriend card and the sorting out of the Big 12 remnants (which who knows what that's going to look like when it's all said and done. And while I'm here, is Don Beebe the worst commissioner of all time? Right? He really needs to get it together.), the Big East is in a lot of conversations.

Despite all that, there were still games played. What happened last week:

Iowa State - 24
UConn - 20
In the Friday night spectacular the Huskies got Steele Jantzed. But I have a feeling that may happen to more teams than not this season.

West Virginia - 37
Maryland - 31
The Terps showed up with decent unis this week, but it didn't really help them too much again Skulletor and his 'Eers.

Pitt - 27
Iowa - 31
Not a real good week for the Big East verse the state of Iowa. Pitt pretty much crapped the bed late in this one, they more or less dominated Iowa until the end.

Akron - 14
Cincinnati - 59
The battle for Ohio!

Florida AM - 17
South Florida - 70
If you watched this game, you truly are a fan.

Louisville - 24
Kentucky - 17
SEC dominance my ass!

Syracuse - 17
USC - 38
Too bad the win doesn't really mean anything, cheaters! But seriously despite having like 6 scholarship players on their roster*, USC is pretty decent.

So what's on tap this week? Any big games? Does the conference still exist? Well there is no question what the biggest game of the week is:

(2) LSU @ (16) West Virginia, 8:00 ET ABC

So SEC, you don't want West Virginia, huh? Okay. I really hope this motivates the 'Eers to welcome in the Tigers and beat the living hell out of them. But we'll see. Despite really not having much of an offense, LSU is playing some nasty defense, ranked 6th in total D. That said, Oregon spread them out and was able to put up some good numbers. Where Oregon (63rd) failed was defensively and West Virginia has a pretty decent defense (40th in total D)

LSU is a 5.5 point favorite. I think that may be too many. Either the 'Eers are going to win this thing outright or it's going to come down to some crazy Les Miles field goal thing at the end. It's just the way it goes with The Hat. Either way West Virginia is covering.

What else is happening in and around the league

NC State @ Cincinnati, Thursday 8:00 ET - ESPN/ESPN3
Another chance to beat up on the ACC for being team stealers!

Toledo @ Syracuse, Saturday 12:00 ET - Game Plan/ESPN3
I'm calling this the travel hangover game. Both teams coming back from the West Coast. The Orange need to watch out in this game.

Notre Dame @ Pitt, Saturday 12:00 ET - ABC
Which Irish team will show up? If it's last week's team, Pitt goes down. If it's week 1 and 2 Irish, the Panthers have a chance.

Ohio @ Rutgers, Saturday 2:00 ET - ESPN3
A game so intriguing it's not even on real TV. Ohio is a tough MAC team, so Rutgers better not sleep on them.

Connecticut @ Buffalo, Saturday 6:00 ET - Game Plan/ESPN3
Wait, this game is on TV and the last one isn't?

UTEP @ (18) South Florida, Saturday 7:00 ET - ESPN3
This one is over before LSU/WVA kick off.

*that may or may not be an exaggeration

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