Thursday, September 22, 2011

Muschamp and Weis Keep Gators Rolling. SEC GOTW.

Well, another week of games, another chance for Florida to prove that they are underrated as the #15 team in the country. And this week, that proof will come at the hands of the Kentucky Wildcats in the not so friendly confines of what will start out as a raucous Commonwealth Stadium.....only to end with Gators fans chanting, "It's great to be a Florida Gator..." as the Wildcat fans file to the exit waiting for basketball season and another year of Coach Cal's one and done hoopsters (but that's a story for another post).

Why am I so confident, you ask, especially in my first post? That's easy -all the numbers are in my favor, and paraphrasing former Tar Heel great Rasheed Wallace "stats don't lie." Not to mention would you rather listen to NVNole after his silly story about FSU beating Boomer Sooner last week or get a win by going with a one of the best teams in the best conference in the country? And with that, on to the stats...

UF currently has the #6 ranked defense in points against at 8.7 and allowed minus 9 yards rushing (yes minus 9) to the Vols last week. And don't be fooled by the final score of that game - although UF only won by 10, they were up 30-7. All that combined with the fact that this week they face an offense that currently ranks 92nd in rushing offense (119.3 yards/game), 108th in passing offense (155.3 yards/game), and 100th in points scored (19.3 points/game) leads to only one result; the Gators D will dominate and shut down Kentucky.

On the other side of the ball, at first glance it appears as though the Kentucky defense, currently ranked 18th in points against at 13.3 may be stout enough to handle the Gator offense and keep this game close but upon closer inspection, that proves unlikely. Specifically, the three opponents UK has faced are all 95th or worse in points scored per game (Western Kentucky at 115th, Central Michigan at 106th, and Louisville at 95th). And the Wildcats lost to Louisville!

As I mentioned before, "stats don't lie" and so in the final estimation I see the Gators defense completely shutting down Kentucky, and on offense I see Charlie Weis calling a great game and the Gators putting up more than enough points to cover the 19 point spread.

Look for Chris Rainey to have another explosive day on offense and special teams, and for the UF defense to shut down a poor Kentucky offense, all of which leads to a 38-7 Gator win.

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