Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Buck Thursday

Not the way to kick off the season. Holy schnikes! But it's a marathon, not a sprint. Let's see take a painful look back as last week.
Central Michigan - 7
Michigan State - 45
Okay, so this was one bright spot of the day for QBT. From here, things just got ugly. But I would look for Vegas to continue to over value Central all season.

Louisiana Monroe - 17
Iowa - 45
I was a week late with LAM. Also, Iowa is way too unpredictable for the season. I think I'll stay away from here on out.

Ohio - 26
Rutgers - 38
I tried to get a little cute here, I think. Rutgers is laying around in the weeds with a pretty good defense and some unknowns on offense. Could be an up and down season with them. Buyer beware.

UAB - 23
ECU - 28
This is my big F-U game right here. Killed me. I'm not sure what went wrong with the Pirates in this one. I was at a bar and they couldn't find the game. Just absolutely killed my weekend. Looks like the ECU train was an express one.

LAL - 36
FIU - 31
I think this was just a message from the Sun Belt conference telling me to stay out. I heard you Sun Belt and I will oblige. #epicfail

Rice - 31
Baylor - 56
So I book ended QBT last week. This was a no brainer really. I'm not totally sold on the Bears yet, but keeping an eye on them for sure.

NV Nole lock of the week
KSU - 28
Miami - 24
Let's just say it was not fun sitting with us at the bar.

But that week is behind us let's look ahead.

Thursday Night Special
South Florida - 2.5 @ Pitt
For some reason this line started out at Pitt -3. I have no idea why. USF is likely the best team in the conference. I get that Pitt is at home, but they are coming two late in the game losses to two iffy teams in ND and Iowa. Not to mention they finally covered for the first time all season. USF went to South Bend and beat the Irish soundly. And they only failed to cover last week against a 30 point spread. I think this is a safe bet.

Saturday Early and Afternoon Games
Texas Tech -6.5 @ Kansas
I know this line opened at TT -12. And Tech barely beat a rebuilding Nevada team. But man KU the worst defense in college football. And they got pounded by the first good team they faced. This one may be a little risky, but 84% of the money in Vegas is on Tech. I just have a feeling.

Georgia Tech -9.5 @ NC State
Georgia Tech has covered and won every single game this season. NC State has not covered once. I think Paul Johnson is pissed at the world and is going to take it out on everyone they play. I was willing to go with them when the line was 11.5.

The Evening Games
Clemson +7 @ Virginia Tech
Look I know Va Tech at home and all that. And yes they are both undefeated. But, Va Tech has only covered against Appalachian State. Clemson has covered all of the close games they have been in. Granted this is their first road game, but they just played two good teams in Auburn and FSU. This roady shouldn't deter them from taking care of business.

Texas @ Iowa State +9.5
You don't just roll into Ames and win. Iowa State has a weird way of getting up for big games at home. Strange things happen there. I'm high on ISU this year. I think they are playing with confidence. More over, I'm not sold on Texas. I think they are still a year away. ISU will be looking for respect. This one will be closer than 9.5.

Oregon State @ Arizona State - 18
Despite the fact that ASU covered for the first time last week, I like them in this game. The Beavers are bad. They have yet to cover this season, let alone win. And the last road trip they made they failed to get on the scoreboard. ASU beat a solid Missouri team and barely lost to a good Illinois team on the road. And they handled a decent USC team last week. The line doesn't scare me.

NV Nole Lock Of The Week
Hawaii @ Louisiana Tech -4
Hawaii lost to UNLV. Enough said.

QBT Season Record: 2-4
The Lock: 0-1

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