Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Admission of Guilt: Big XII Preview

Big XII, Week VI
Well, then. I am not starting this prediction thing off on the right foot, am I. But, I am man enough to admit when I make mistakes, and I certainly made a few last weekend. Not only did I pass on two great games for GOTW (Arkansas and K-State victories), I once again foolishly drank from that damn Cyclone Kool-Aide cup.

Biggest Surprises:
It would be obvious to list the Iowa State outcome here, but I have been a Cyclone fan for far too long, and Texas still has the money. First you get the money, then you get the recruits, then you get the power.

Instead, I am going to go once again with Kansas State's home win against a powerful Baylor team. Defense wins championships, and the Wildcats seem to be in championship form. They are still relatively untested, but have shown the last two weeks the resurrection of Bill Snyder has breathed new life into this team.
On another aside, the current Big XII boasts a 27-3 nonconference record this season. Can your conference say the same thing?
Other Week V Recaps:
Texas Tech vs. Kansas - Kansas came out early with some impressive firepower, then quickly faded back to reality.
Texas AM vs. Arkansas - Another wilting performance by the Aggie defense.
Texas vs. Iowa State - This could have been much worse. Early turnovers are much easier to overcome when you're playing the Missouri Valley, Big Ten or Big East. Not so much against Texas.
Oklahoma vs. Ball State - Really?
Last week, I went 2-3 straight up winners and wasn't even close on my scoring predictions. this week has got to be better, but please don't bet on that.
Week VI Outlook:
Best Game of the Weekend:
Not sure I can miss this week. The Red River Rivalry is one of the premier matchups in the Big XII, if not the nation. Texas is 4-0 and coming together as a young team with a two quarterback system and stymieing defense. Their wins have not come over impressive teams, however. Rice, BYU, UCLA and Iowa State. The Cyclones are probably the classiest of the bunch and Texas took them to the woodshed thanks to a rusty Steele Jantz.
Oklahoma was the preseason #1 and has done nothing to lose the ranking other than not play in the SEC. Their signature win so far came over a quickly fading from prime time Florida State team on foreign turf. They look tough, and should easily handle the Longhorns.
Oklahoma 28 - Texas 14
Rest of the League:
Missouri (2-2) @ Kansas State (4-0)- After starting the season in the top 25, Missouri has settled for a 2-2 record after losses to Arizona State and Oklahoma. A bye week will do them no good against the stout K-State defense. Wildcats 38 - Tigers 10
Kansas (2-2) @ Oklahoma State (4-0) - Really? Cowboys 58 - Kansas 21
Iowa State (3-1) @ Baylor (3-1) - If Iowa State can go the first quarter without crippling penalties and three turnovers, they may be able to keep this one close. Or, they can prove nothing has really changed in Ames and lose the next 5 games. Baylor 28 - Iowa State 14
Texas AM (2-2) @ Texas Tech (4-0) - Power offense versus crumbling defense. Texas Tech has not scored less than 35 points (Nevada) all season. Texas AM has given up 72 over the past two Saturdays. Tech 42 - Aggies 38
Conference Rankings
1) Oklahoma
2) Oklahoma State
3) Texas
4) Kansas State
5) Baylor
6) Texas AM
7) Texas Tech
8) Iowa State
9) Missouri
10) Kansas

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