Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Wild Week in the B1G.

Lets be honest here, no one has any idea what’s going to happen each week in the Big Ten.
More shockers in conference play. Penn State is the only unbeaten team in league play, but they now face a murder’s row of Nebraska, Ohio State and Wisconsin to end the season. However, the good news is that because every other team in the Leader’s Division has two losses they need only to win two of three.
Northwestern at Indiana.
My Prediction: Northwestern 38 Indiana 31.
Actual Score: Northwestern 59 Indiana 38.
In My Defense: Nobody does wild shootouts like Northwestern.

Iowa at Minnesota
My Prediction: Iowa 31 Minnesota 10.
Actual Score: Minnesota 22 Iowa 21.
In My Defense: Either Iowa has a passion problem or it is just an awful football team. Actually, I think its both. Kirk Ferentz has performed miracles for this program, but this is shaping up as a lost season.

Wisconsin at Ohio State
My Prediction: Wisky 31 Ohio State 17.
Actual Score: Ohio State 33 Wisconsin 29.
In My Defense: Reports of the Buckeyes death were greatly exaggerated. Can OSU get to Indianapolis? And if so is that a positive or a negative for the Big Ten?

Michigan State at Nebraska
My Prediction: Nebraska 24 Michigan St. 20.
Actual Score: Nebraska 24 Michigan St. 3.
In My Defense: Cornhuskers are tough at home. Michigan State apparently does not play well on the road.

Purdue at Michigan
My Prediction: Michigan 28 Purdue 14.
Actual Score: Michigan 36 Purdue 14.
In My Defense: Michigan is heating up.

Illinois at Penn State
My Prediction: Penn State 24 Illinois 21.
Actual Score: PSU 10-7.
In My Defense: Raise your hand if you think Penn State at 5-0 is going to Indianapolis. Uh, huh.

Legends Division
Michigan 3-1, 7-1.
Nebraska 3-1, 7-1.
Michigan State 3-1, 6-2.
Iowa 2-2, 5-3.
Minnesota 1-3, 2-6.
Northwestern 1-4, 3-5.

Leaders Division
Penn State 5-0, 8-1.
Wisconsin 2-2, 6-2.
Ohio State 2-2, 5-3.
Purdue 2-2, 4-4.
Illinois 2-3, 6-3.
Indiana 0-5, 1-8.

Next Week’s Game Schedule
Minnesota at Michigan State.
Michigan at Iowa.
Purdue at Wisconsin.
Indiana at Ohio State.
Northwestern at Nebraska.
Penn State- bye.
Illinois- bye.

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