Monday, October 24, 2011

The Big Ten's Weekend in Review

We are serving crow this morning at B1G headquarters. Remember the first two weeks when I didn’t miss a game? Ah the good old days. But, hey, that’s why we love college football.

Wisconsin at Michigan State.My Prediction: Wisconsin 35 Michigan State 17
Actual Score: Michigan State 37 Wisconsin 31.
In My Defense: Should have paid more attention to the fact that Wisconsin has a hard time winning in East Lansing. Spartans are now completely in the drivers seat for the Legends Division, but I’ve said since the beginning that this division winner will have two losses. I still think they will.

Illinois at Purdue.My Prediction: Illinois 28 Purdue 20.
Actual Score: Purdue 21 Illinois 14.
In My Defense: Oh right, because I’m responsible for Ron Zook. I’m more interested in Purdue, they are playing well right now. Illinois now has Penn State, Michigan and Wisconsin up next. Ugh.

Indiana at Iowa.My Prediction: Iowa 31 Indiana 21.
Actual Score: Iowa 45 Indiana 24.
In My Defense: Marvin McNutt went off. Iowa’s offense can be impressive, but their defense is just not B1G caliber.

Nebraska at Minnesota.My Prediction: Nebraska 42-10.
Actual Score: Nebraska 41-14.
In My Defense: Thank you Huskers for paying attention in class this week.

Penn State at Northwestern.My Prediction: Northwestern 22 Penn State 21.
Actual Score: Penn State 34 Northwestern 24.
In My Defense: Northwestern was driving for the go-ahead score in the red zone before Dan Persa got picked off and returned to the 33. If that ball doesn’t get picked off- upset secured. But that’s the way the ball bounces.

For the Week 2-3. Now 19-7 (15-5) for the year. I’ll watch more film this week…I promise.

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