Monday, October 3, 2011

Blog Poll Ballot Week 6

It's week six. And this is our ballot.

For the love of god someone say something about Michigan State even being on this thing.

Productive Sweatpants Blog Poll Ballot Week 6

Rank Team Record Movement
1 LSU 5-0
2 Oklahoma 4-0
3 Alabama 5-0
4 Boise St 4-0
5 Wisconsin 5-0 up 1
6 Clemson 5-0 up 3
7 Oklahoma St 4-0 dn 2
8 Stanford 4-0
9 Texas 4-0 up 6
10 Georgia Tech 5-0 up 7
11 Michigan 5-0 up 7
12 Oregon 3-1
13 Illinois 5-0 up 8
14 Auburn 4-1 NR
15 Kansas St 4-0 NR
16 South Carolina 4-1 dn 9
17 Arkansas 4-1 up 6
18 Nebraska 4-1 dn 7
19 Michigan St 4-1 NR
20 Florida 4-1 dn 7
21 Baylor 3-1 dn 5
22 Virginia Tech 4-1 dn 12
23 West Virginia 4-1 up 2
24 Florida St 2-2 dn 2
25 Houston 5-0 NR

Those we bid adieu: Iowa State, USC and Texas AM


B1G said...

Well, keep in mind a 2-2 Florida State team is still on the list. Michigan State is 4-1 and won in Columbus. Yes, a bad loss to a determined Notre Dame team, but overall they are a pretty good team. Michigan-Michigan State is only 2 weeks away and we can seperate the men from the boys then.

Productive Sweatpants said...

Yeah a 2-2 FSU shouldn't be on there either. But it's a democracy. And look they beat a terrible, terrible OSU team who is about to have 3 losses and may end up at 7-5 on the year.

At which point UM will be underdogs but will win by double digits.

B1G said...

I agree with you that the wheels are coming off in Columbus. Luke Fickell will not be permenant. Mark Dantonio as his replacement? My point is that MSU has Kirk Cousins and enough returning to be considered a contender. Until they aren't.

SEC Guy said...

To be fair, FSU lost to the number one (or 2) team in the country and a Clemson team that is clearly better than originally assumed. Granted they haven't really beaten anyone but MSU lost to a middling Notre Dame team and I don't think I've beaten anyone either (sorry but a horrible OSU team doesn't count).