Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Final Tour Event of 2011

Hey everybody, 'ol Shozel's back to recap last week's Justin Timberlake Shiner's Hospital Open in Las Vegas and look ahead to the last event of the season.

Justin Timberlake Shiner's Hospital Open
It came down to the last 5 holes, but Kevin Na squeaked out a victory finishing 23 strokes under par.


Excuse me. I thought I had read that wrong. But no, 23 under. All the while holding off Nick Whatney (-21), Tommy Gainey (-18), and Paul Goydos (-18). This is an impressive win, not only for shooting -23, but it's also his first win on tour in his 8-year professional career.

Fry's.com Open
The final PGA Tour stop of the season kicks off this week at Corde Valle Golf Club for the Fry's.com Open. Corde Valle is a par 71 nestled at the southern tip of the Santa Clara Valley in San Martin, Calf. I bet the weather sucks there!

Being the final event of the season, I wanted to make my players to watch pretty simple. So I'm narrowing it down to just one. A relative new comer to the Tour this year, his name is Tiger Woods.


You've heard of him? Oh from his 14 majors and 71 PGA Tour victories? Got it.

Well, he's back. And, really, what a great golf course to make a return on. This Robert Trent Jones Jr course is somewhat of a thinking man's track. But, it also possesses parking lots for greens. I'm not kidding, they're going to be looking at 8,300 sqft of plush, fire-at-whatever-you-want-your-going-to-land-on-the-dance-floor "greens". Shozels' playing partners could get on in 2 is what I'm trying to tell you. And yes, I did just blog myself in 3rd person, cause that's what I do.

I am looking forward to this weekend. See, I personally hope the best for Tiger. I hope he took enough time off to rehab the knee and *cough cough* refill the 'ol black book. 

PGA Off-season 
After the final event, I'll check back in with reports of happenings for the Presidents Cup and various golf off-season related notes. Until then, hit em straight and remember the most forgiving pieces of equipment in the bag are your pencil's eraser and your playing partners lack of golf's rules.

Shozel's golf tip: Balance is key to any great ball striker's golf swing. With the video feature on your phone or camcorder, record your golf swing. Pay close attention to your head's movement off the ball, either forward or backward. To correct this take a slower backswing, trying to keep your nose directly pointed at the ball until follow through.

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