Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get your Damning pencil out, God. I've got a list for you.

God damn you, Oklahoma State. You had the opportunity to kick a meaningless field goal with barely a minute left in the game to give our party the last piece of our four team parlay puzzle. Instead, you go for it on 4th and inches and, much like our ticket, you come up just a little short. I will never forgive you for this, Mike Gundy.
God damn you, Baylor and RG III. What the hell happened? I've been selling your butter all season long and this is how you repay me? With a rancid performance and horrible loss to the one team in the Big XII I have said is over rated all season long? You couldn't have screwed the pooch against Oklahoma? Baylor's hopes at a meaningful bowl game, as well as any hopes of a Heisman residing in Waco, is nothing but a dream.
God damn you, Iowa State. You suck! Stop turning the god damn ball over, play some defense and develop a f%@#ing offense! You are on fan probation until basketball season starts. Not the season that starts next month, but when it really counts in January. Do not bruise my soul again.

F#*k you Missouri.
Week VII Recaps
Baylor 28 (45) - Texas AM 55 (38): I told you it would go over, and it did. I just didn't expect A&M to do the majority of the scoring. Looks like they've finally started passing out Gatorade at halftime: Refuel, Refresh, Refocus, and just in time too. I was sick of being right about them.
Missouri  52 (35) - Iowa State 17 (28): This was an embarrassment. I want my $8.95 I paid to watch this game on the computer back. Either that, or use that $8.95 to buy a tube a glue for Steele's gloves so he can hang onto the damn ball.
Oklahoma State 32 (38) - Texas 26 (21): I should have listened to my advice and taken the under. I'm still mad, Mike Gundy.
Kansas State 41 (38) - Texas Tech 34 (14): Tech has a powerful offense. K-State is still better.
Oklahoma 47 (64) - Kansas 21 (17): Not quite sure what happened at the beginning of the game, but I think Kansas started believing in themselves for just a little while. Then, Oklahoma woke up and slapped the pride right back out of them. At least there is one team worse than Iowa State in this league (I hope).
My weekend record
Straight up: 4-1
ATS: 2-3
O/U: 3-2

Not great from a gambling perspective, although .500 is a noble goal in the betting world.
F*#@ing Gundy.

Week VII Matchups

Kansas State (6-0) @ Kansas (2-4) - Realisticly, the only winnable game for Kansas the rest of the season is against Iowa State. That being said, Kansas State hosts Oklahoma next weekend and could easily overlook their in-state "rivals." Kansas started strong last week against Oklahoma and K-State is officially on upset alert.

Line - K-State -11              O/U 62.5
My bets: I'm looking at this game as a "gotcha" matchup. Kansas and the Under.
Kansas State 28 - Kansas 30

Oklahoma State (6-0) @ Missouri (3-3) - Either the Tigers proved that they possess a dangerous offense, or Iowa State proved they are still years away from possessing a team last weekend in Columbia. With a 3-3 record, it's easy to forget Missouri started the season #21 before a lackluster win against Miami (Ohio) and a narrow defeat against an upstart Arizona State sent them out of the top 25. But, they are no match for the Cowboys of T. Boone Pickens' U.

Line - Ok State - 6.5         O/U 68.5
My bets: Even though I'm still bitter at Coach Gundy, I'm once again taking the over but not the cover
Ok State 38 - Mizzou 33

Texas AM (4-2) @ Iowa State (3-3) - It's great that Aggies are finding their stride right before they stride into Ames. I would love to play the optimist here, but cannot. Iowa State is not announcing which of their mediocre Quarterback options they will be going with this weekend. The turnover transfer from California, or the Freshman unknown from Texas. Good luck game planning for that one, Sherman.

Line - AM -20.5              O/U 65.5
My bets: This is hardly a sign of my objectivity, but I'm taking Iowa State and the Over
Texas AM 42 - Iowa State 30

Texas Tech (4-2) @ Oklahoma (6-0) - One thing is certain here: This will be a pass happy game. And, probably, a high scoring affair.

Line - Oklahoma -29        O/U 69.5
My bets : Texas Tech has had only one game go under all season, a opening week 50-10 victory over Texas State (line was 70). Since then, they've covered 54, 62, 66, 72, 60 respectively. There is also no way Oklahoma outscores them by 29 points. Take Tech and the Over. Lock of the week (that's right, I'm calling a lock this week)
Oklahoma 48 - TT 38

My Conference Rankings:
1) Oklahoma (-)
2) Oklahoma State (-)
3)Kansas State (-)
4)Texas AM (+2)
5) Texas Tech (+2)
6) Texas (-1)
7) Missouri (+1)
8) Baylor (-4)
9) Iowa State (-)
10) Kansas (-)

McCoy Out...

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