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He Said. He Said.: Red River Rivalry

It's another new segment here at Productive Sweatpants. In which we are going to have two of our contributors take a team in a match up and give you the reasons why their respective team will win. It's the classic: He Said, ah, He Said (well at least until we become more diverse as a staff). In this inaugural edition we are going to take a look at the Red River Rivalry.

(3) Oklahoma (4-0, 1-0) @ (11) Texas (4-0, 1-0)

He Said: Texas

Well, apparently “SEC Guy Fever” is spreading across the nation since this week we have a new blog feature where I’ll be taking on none other than the host of our blog site, Mr. Productive Sweatpants himself. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be crossing conference boundaries every week or that I’ll be taking on Mr. Sweatpants every week but we figured what better way to kick this thing off than to have your humble correspondent jump to the Big 12 and drop some knowledge. Of course, after winning in yet another forum, I just hope that I’m asked back to contribute for another. Then again, NVNole is right 3.6% of the time. 

And with that, on to why Texas is the bet, in case you want to supplement the SEC dollars you’re destined to win if you read my blog.

For starters, let’s consider the fact that in 11 of the 12 Red River Rivalry games that “Big Flop” Bob has been the head coach of the Sooners, the team with the most rushing yards has won the contest. Now, consider that OU rushes for 177 yards/game (44th in the nation) and relies on a walk on, while UT rushes for 206 yards/game (25th in the nation) and has a budding star in freshman Malcolm Brown.

As far as the passing game goes, Landry Jones and OU are clearly prolific, which Johnny Sweatpants will surely point out. But, as FSU showed earlier this year, if you can get pressure on the OU QB, he’s prone to mistakes and bad throws. And I believe that Manny Diaz, the UT defense coordinator, has the blitz package and general edge rushers to disrupt the passing game. I mean, look at what FSU defensive end Herr Weinershnitzel did against OU (that’s for you NVNole – Go Noles!!)  He was a man possessed – and UT will get that kind of pressure on Landry and cause at least one interception and more than a few bad throws.

On offense, UT has settled in to what might sound like a familiar combination – McCoy to Shipley. Again, I’m sure that Mr. Elastic Band will point out that OU only allows 15 points per game but that came against a Tulsa team hell bent on playing for $$’s (seriously look at who they’ve played), an FCS Ball State team, an annually overrated Pinkel squad of under-achievers and an FSU squad clearly not ready for primetime.

Having lived in Dallas for a few years, I know how crazy the Red River Rivalry is (and let’s just say it now…..good luck to all the fans partying on Friday night who have to get up for the 11 a.m. central kickoff time). Thanks ABC for the early kickoff – while you’re at it, why don’t you have Craig “My Kid is Perfect” James announce the game and kick Big Tex in the balls with a wrecking ball?

Fortunately, I’ll be watching from the SEC Guy Mansion and although I can’t call an outright Texas victory (and the accompanying “Hook ‘Em Horns!!”) I do see Mack Brown and the Longhorns keeping the game close and making this rivalry contest worth watching. At the end of the day, I see UT keeping up with OU’s tempo, forcing a turnover or two, and McCoy and Shipley rekindling the magic but the Sooners escaping with a 34-28 win.

He Said: Oklahoma
Okay this should be fun. Not only do I not have to write about the dynamic Big East, but I get to embarrass SEC Guy in the process. Have you noticed how we found the perfect writer for that arrogant conference? It was really all thanks to NV Nole. Which is perfect in it's own right that the ACC guy brings in the SEC guy and gets out shined on a regular basis. Isn't the Southeast cute?

Enough about that, let's talk some Big 12 and Oklahoma/Texas!

First and foremost, all you hippies that forced the name change in 2005 from the Red River Shootout can go straight to hell. I'm looking at you ESPN Disney! What I'm sure "Hey my name has SEC in it so I'm awesome" Guy is going to try an impress you with is that Texas leads the all-time series 59-41-5 and 47-37-4 in Dallas. What he probably won't mention is that over the last 10 years OU leads the series 6-4. I mean lets stay relevant here shall we.

Offensively, OU is going to rely on Landry Jones and the 5th ranked passing attack to lead the way. Stoops isn't dumb, he knows that Maniacally Manny is going to send all kinds of aggressive crazy blitzes as him. So look for short stuff and screens early to keep the pressure off Jones a bit. They are also going to try and get Whaley some early touches to set up the pass game. Texas' strength is their defense and Jones is likely going to take a couple hits here and there, but if he can hang tight he's looking at a freshman and a sophomore corner to attack. Hang in there Landry. 

On the flip side, we're not talking your typical OU defense here. They are playing a bend don't break style more than anything. They are ranked 14th in scoring defense but are middle of the pack in other categories. The good thing is Mac Brown still believes it's 2008 and is going back to McCoy to Shipley as the cornerstone of his middling offense. To be fair they did have to face the crippling defenses of Rice (120), BYU (50), UCLA (97) and the Eco-Homerlv favorite, ISU (62). And as we saw you don't want to mess with ISU's defense in Ames. Am I right Ecoscapeslv? (Yes that is dripping with sarcasm) Anyway as you an see, that right there isn't quite murderers row. OU held FSU to 264 total yards and they are right in Texas' neighborhood offensively. And just so Southeast Jack over there can understand it, since football doesn't really exists outside the walls of the SEC and with their high academic standards and all, that's like Florida (51) and Georgia (51) offensively. There we go big guy. 

Needless to say their offense doesn't strike fear in my heart.

Thankfully this game is on early, because the early slate is not so good this week. I'm sure the Texas State Fair midway is going to be a joy later in the evening as thousands of drunken football fans try to win their best girl a sweet Toby Keith Mirror from the ring toss. Look for the Longhorn fans to be extra whiny as OU is going to win and cover the 10 pt spread in this one, but in a low scoring affair 28 - 17. 

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