Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In My Defense: B1G

B1G Recap.

It’s too much fun to wait until Thursday. Plus, I forget what happened. So let’s review.

Penn State at IndianaMy Pick: PSU 27-13
Actual Score: PSU 16-10.
In my Defense: So apparently Penn State isn’t that good.

Minnesota at MichiganMy Pick: Michigan 35, Minnesota 7.
Actual Score: Michigan 58, Minnesota 0.
In My Defense: I had no idea that Michigan would go to the third team that early.

Northwestern at IllinoisMy Pick: Illinois 41, Northwestern 38.
Actual Score: Illinois 38, Northwestern 35.
In My Defense: Remember this when I get it wrong.

Michigan State at Ohio StateMy Pick: MSU 21-17
Actual Score: MSU 10-7.
In My Defense: Forgot OSU didn’t suspend the defense.

Notre Dame at PurdueMy Pick: ND 31-10.
Actual Score: ND 38-10.
In My Defense: Close only counts in horseshoes apparently.

Nebraska at WisconsinMy Pick: Wisky 31-17.
Actual Score: Wisky 48-17.
In My Defense: Badgers are good at home.

Bottom Line: 6-0 ain’t bad, or likely to happen again.

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