Monday, October 10, 2011

In My Defense: Big East

Looking back on the Big East monster slot of games. Let's see how I did.

Louisville @ UNC
My Pick: UNC to cover
Actual score: UNC 14 -7
The line was 14.5. Battles against the ACC need to come to an end.

UConn @ WVU
My Pick: WVU in a blood bath
Actual score: WVU 43-16
Blood bath achieved.

Syracuse @ Tulane
My Pick: Syracuse in a shaky cover
Actual score: Syracuse 37-34
And my gut was right to stay away from this game. The line was 10.

Pitt @ Rutgers
My Pick: Pitt to win and cover
Actual score: Rutgers 34-10
Well that was enlightening. Not really sure who Pitt is right now. And how bad is USF then? I don't know man, the Big East is a strange and wonderful place.

Not bad to kick off the week at 3-1 straight up. ATS? Well a 1-3 is not so good.

In next week's preview I'll put in actual scores to ensure that I look dumber than I already do.

Next week:
Utah @ Pitt
Louisville @ Cincinnati
Navy @ Rutgers
USF @ UConn

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SEC Guy said...

Hey man...this is actually fairly impressive...after all it can't be easy tracking FCS quality action on espn12. Now if you'll excuse me I need to get back to counting national championships...Roll Tide!