Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In My Defense: Big East

If anyone can figure this conference out, I have a writing job* waiting for you.

I think I was pretty decent on the scores. It's more getting the teams right. The nice thing is that chaos brings a certain excitement for what may be the last year we have BCS level football programs in this AQ conference. But that my friends is an argument for another time. Let's review the carnage.

Rutgers - 14
Louisville - 16
My Pick: Rutgers 17-14
In My Defense: Honestly I figured this game was going to be a toss up. But did I not tell you to get on the under? I hope you listened.

West Virginia - 23
Syracuse - 49
My Pick: West Virginia 42-17
In My Defense: Who knows with Syracuse. I said that if they can make it a game early, WVU could struggle. What I didn't see if total domination by the Orange. Just two weird teams.

Cincinnati - 37
USF - 34
My Pick: Cincinnati 38-20
In My Defense: Pretty much nailed this one. Yeah I didn't expect such a close game, but I did expect the upset. I'm not going to lie, I was proud of myself.

Let's hope this week's slate features me in a better light. Here's what you have to look forward to:

UConn @ Pitt
Syracuse @ Louisville
(25) West Virginia @ Rutgers

*I use the term job very, very loosely

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