Monday, October 31, 2011

In My Defense: Big East

Another week, another showcase of me having no idea what Big East action is going to bring. Week in and week out these teams provide audiences with a roller coaster of college football action. At least that what I have to tell myself in order for me to keep picking games in this conference.

Let's review:

UConn - 20
Pitt - 35
My Pick: Pitt 27-16
In My Defense: The right Pitt team showed up. There were a few more points than expected. But the outcome was right.

Syracuse - 10
Louisville - 27
My Pick: Syracuse - 27-24
In My Defense: When you take Syracuse away from the Dome they are just a different team. Let's try and remember that for next week, shall we.

West Virginia - 41
Rutgers - 31
My Pick: Rutgers 24-23
In My Defense: I really wanted Rutgers to win this game. And I think emotion carried them through the first half. Well that and the snow. But in the end WVU was just too much for the Scarlet Knights.

This week's action:

Syracuse @ UConn
Louisville @ (24) West Virginia
South Florida @ Rutgers
Cincinnati @ Pitt

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