Monday, October 17, 2011

In My Defense- Week 3.

The Week 7 B1G Review.
All good things must come to an end. That’s what happened Saturday. For my Big Ten Unbeaten Record. For Michigan’s unbeaten record. For American Manufacturing. Okay, that happened long before Saturday.

Michigan at Michigan State.
My Pick: Michigan State 31-24.
Actual Score: Michigan State 28-14.
In My Defense: An ugly Big Ten game. Michigan State’s defense looked good. Michigan played the Denard Robinson boom or bust card. Unfortunately it went bust. Spartans control the Legends Division. For now.

Purdue at Penn State
My Pick: Penn State 14-7
Actual Score: Penn State 23-18.
In My Defense: The Nittany Lions are 3-0 in the conference. Wasn’t easy. But a wins a win. Purdue continues to hold down the #10 spot in a 12-team league.

Indiana at Wisconsin.
My Pick: Wisconsin 55-3.
Actual Score: Wisconsin 59-7.
In My Defense: Wisconsin continues to roll.

Ohio State at Illinois
My Pick: Illinois 27-20.
Actual Score: Ohio State 17-7.
In My Defense: Ohio State has a great defense and Illinois’ defense isn’t that good. How else do you explain that Ohio State went 1-4 passing as a TEAM and WON! Ron Zook with some questionable calls as usual.

Northwestern at Iowa.
My Pick: Northwestern 28-24.
Actual Score: Iowa 41-31.
In My Defense: Honestly, Northwestern outplayed Iowa for much of the game. Look at the stats- over 100 more yards, more time of possession, a lot of third down conversions. However, their mistakes were too much to overcome. That and Iowa had to have this one.

3-2 in the Big 10. Hard to be upset though when it’s my Hawkeyes over performing.
Standings through Week 3.

Penn State 3-0 6-1
Wisconsin 2-0 6-0
Illinois 2-1 6-1
Purdue 1-1 3-3
Ohio State 1-2 4-3
Indiana 0-3 1-6

Michigan St 2-0 5-1
Michigan 2-1 6-1
Nebraska 1-1 5-1
Iowa 1-1 4-2
Minnesota 0-2 1-5
N’western 0-3 2-4

Next Week:
Indiana at Iowa
Penn State at Northwestern
Wisconsin at Michigan State
Nebraska at Minnesota
Illinois at Purdue

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