Monday, October 17, 2011

In My Defense: Week 7, PAC-12

The 15th proved to be Pay Day for this young gambler. At the Nine-to-Five, in the PAC-12, and on the side. (That's what we call foreshadowing. Wait for my new "SIDE BET: It's a Breeze" article)

USC 30 @ California 9
My Pick: USC -3 (31-27)
In My Defense: Did anyone even watch this game?

Utah 26 @ Pitt 14
My Pick: Pitt -7 (Pitt 27-18)
In My Defense: Pitt is bipolar...and that's the only thing you can bet on.

Colorado 24 @ Washington 52
My Pick: Washington -14.5 (34-17)
In My Defense: By the time I got to the book on Saturday, this line went up to -17. Washington was still a go...

BYU 38 @ Oregon State 28
My Pick: BYU +2 (24-21)
In My Defense: Looks like you don't have to have stats for every pick, SEC Guy. Sometimes just "having a feeling" is enough. At least I had the kahunas to pick a tough game...

Stanford 44 @ Washington St. 14
My Pick: Washington St. +21 (Stanford 41-21)
In My Defense: I have much to learn about trends, stats, removing emotion, and Vegas lines. One thing I learned from SEC Guy this week: making picks isn't about cheering on the underdog, or wanting to see close games, or wanting certain teams to prove themselves mortal. Placing bets and making picks is about making money. Period. Next week...I'm making you money.

Arizona State 27 @ Oregon 41
My Pick: ASU +16 (Oregon 38-24)
In My Defense: Not too shabby, considering James was questionable. You're welcome, if you followed my lead on this bet. You were sweatin' at the end though...

This Week
Straight Up: 5-1
Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is: 4-2

Straight Up: 9-2
Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is: 5-6

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