Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Mad Hatter Rides Again

Before we get to my weekly winner for all of the SEC faithful out there I wanted to pass along a quick public service announcement that although it's not too late to jump on the "SEC Guy bus" please be aware that tickets are selling faster than "remember when NVNole picked La Tech as his lock of the week one week after picking Miami" bumper stickers. Actually, on second thought hopefully they are selling more along the lines of how quickly the casinos are taking your money if you're rolling with NVNole's "locks." And by the way, if you bet with me, congrats on back to back steak dinners (or lap dances) with your winnings!

Anyway, while yours truly was busy doing research and calling the Alabama cover I can only wonder what NVNole was up to...I mean, c'mon, picking Va Tech to beat Clemson?!? Apparently Clemson's big wins over Auburn and FSU weren't enough to convince him that they were better than a (C)Hokies squad that beat three FCS quality schools in the The Beer League All Stars, The School of Blind Nuns, and Michigan (okay, I'm just kinda, sorta kidding about Michigan).

To his credit though, at least he's not walking around with "Feel the Steele" tattooed on his stomach Ala ecoscapes. Then again, as with many things in life, it's all in how you look at it and fortunately for me, the only way I see things is through the rose colored glasses of victory! And with that, let's get to the SEC win of the week.

For the third straight week I'm featuring a game that includes the Florida Gators which may seem a little odd since there are 12 teams in the SEC (for now), but I'm only here to win money so I only focus on picking the winners. And, once again, UF will face a D that is very stingy at giving up both rushing yards (LSU is currently 3rd in the nation in rush yards against at 60/game) and points (9.8 ppg). That, combined with the fact that the Gators put up 10 points and rushed for 15 yards last week against Alabama doesn't bode well for a hurting UF squad. And although I am a Demps/Rainey fan, at the end of the day LSU's defensive front is just too quick, powerful, and dynamic for Florida to handle. If you need further evidence, just consider that LaMichael James has re-entered the Heisman conversation even though LSU held Oregon's fast paced offense to only 95 yards rushing. Lastly, with respect to the UF passing game - do you really want to take your chances with J Driskel, a freshman who was 2-6 after Brantely got hurt, including being sacked twice and fumbling a snap?

Moving along (in case you still aren't convinced) - LSU's bread and butter on offense is pounding the ball in the running game and then throwing play action passes. And while UF's defense had been stout against inferior competition, they surrendered 226 rushing yards to Alabama (granted, Trent Richardson is a beast for Alabama). But do you really want to take your chances with a UF defense that has already shown cracks in the foundation? Didn't think so. Lastly, I haven't even touched on the various looks that the Mad Hatter can show using "it wasn't a felony, only a misdemeanor" J Jefferson nor the fact that the game is in Death Valley.

In the final analysis, although I think Muschamp and Weis do their best to keep UF in the game, with Brantley out their offense is entirely one dimensional, and LSU is just too quick, powerful, and overwhelming on both sides of the ball. Look for Lundquist and Danielson to be dreaming of the days they could fawn over Tebow (what's the over/under on mentioning him, by the way, 5?) as LSU rolls to a 31-7 win.

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ecoscapeslv said...

In my defense, I had the tatoo long before Mr. Jantz became a Cyclone. I just added the last "e" this year.